People have always had a split view on indie music – some say that only hipsters listen to indie, others say that it is much more enjoyable than the mainstream one. Forget the stigma and go enjoy some incredible events!

“Frankie Animal” new album`s presentation concerts continue.

Indie rock band “Frankie Animal” continues presenting their first full-length album “The Backbeat”. This time the presentation will take place at Kultuurikatel in Tallinn on 19th May.

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Kalnciema Quarter opens concert season!

On 19th May everybody`s welcomed to Kalnciema Quarter, where “Satellites LV” will open the concert season.

“Satellites LV” is one of the brightest independent and award-winning music groups in Latvia. After some period of silence, the band has returned with a brand new song that has quite philosophical name – “Bukowski would know…” (LV. “Bukovskis zinātu…”). This is the first song from their upcoming new full-length album. The band has also decided that in the new music material they`ll forget about sharp electric guitar sounds and use some warmer, more acoustic ones.

Don`t miss the season opening!

More about the event here.

Magical Iceland indie folk with Sóley.

Iceland multi-instrumentalist will perform at club “Loftas” (Vilnius) on 26th May. Sóley skillfully masters the piano, guitar and many other musical instruments, easily solves the mystery of how to thrill the deepest human soul strings. The artist says about her music: “A beat is laid out, hesitantly moving along at first, then careering, taking off; soon sepia-toned clouds of piano gather overhead, shimmering, turning darker and richer, and then Sóley raises her voice – a voice that, until five years ago, she didn’t even consider a proper “singing voice”.”

More about the event here.

Indie lovers meet in Tartu!

From 19th to 21st May Tartu will host Indiefest 2016.

Tartu Indiefest is an alternative culture festival that brings the newest, most interesting and mind-blowing artists from Europe to the audience. During the daytime, the audience is invited to debates with interesting guests. In the evenings, there are concerts and screenings of relevant films. Get to know this year`s artists: Dagö, Trad. Attack!, HU?, Kali Briis, April Towers (UK), Von Dorpat, Läbi Linna, The Werg, Laika Virgin, The Boondocks and many more!

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