Lithuanian singer ERICA JENNINGS reunites with “LOVELY DAY” producer on JAZZ EP

2017 begins with some great news bits for the solo singer. Erica is nominated for Best Female and Best Pop at the Lithuanian Music Awards aka M.A.M.A. for her successful solo debut throughout last year, she has new music in the works and some interesting proposals.

First up, her song “It’s a Lovely Day” which is known and loved by many, both in Lithuania and abroad is being placed in a movie being shot and produced in Turkey. “My management got a call from Universal Records in Turkey and they were trying to track me down to get my permission and my producers permission. Apparently it’s going ahead. People in Turkey seem to know the song well. I had no idea!” says the singer.

The producer of “It’s a Lovely Day”, Joseph Baldassare, is an Italian-american, born and based in New York, who has worked with Universal records for 20 years. All of the “Living Theatre” compilation lounge albums, for which Erica recorded 4 songs in total, were released by Universal and Kunduru records in association with the renowned Buddha Bar franchise. He now wants to record a Jazz Ep, featuring the very best up and coming New York Jazz musicians and Erica Jennings.

“He called me up and asked if I’d like to hear what he’s been working on. The songs he sent are wonderful! Classic Jazz, 40’s and 50’s era, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and such like. Those who know me know I have a soft spot in my heart for that music and the aesthetics of that era. We plan to record in Brussels, in ICP studios, once I’m back from Colombia. The very same place where we recorded “Lovely Day” all those years ago.”

It’s going to be quite a creative year for the singer as she has already been in the studio working on her own solo music and will be releasing a single next month. She’s also been garnering much interest abroad, including a Grammy award winning producer who had contacted her saying he would love to hear more of her work and really liked what she was doing, Sony publishing and possible TV and Film placements.

“It’s definitely affirming when you get that kind of feedback. I don’t have a major producer who has international ties or contacts backing me and I am not signed to a major label who can make things happen easily. I am completely independent and own all the rights to my own music. This is very interesting to those in the international markets. I am open to signing to a major label or a large independent label and I have turned down offers in the past, because the terms were just too restrictive. I don’t want to be on a leash, creatively or legally. If the right offer comes along, that would be great and if it doesn’t, I am still both lucky and content to live very well from my music.”

The Jazz EP, as yet untitled, will be released internationally, including the Baltic’s although an actual release date has yet to be confirmed.

“Recording again with Joseph will be wonderful, he’s a real pro with a great sense of humour and so many interesting stories. It’ll be quite a reunion. I’d love for him to visit Vilnius one day. No doubt I’ll be performing the Jazz Ep here too. I’m planning a large event towards the end of the year where I’ll encompass all the new material along with all my other known songs. It’s going to be a very productive and creative year.”

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