Lithuanian “Colours Of Bubbles” to perform in Latvia

Lithuanian  „Colours of Bubbles“ new album is a triumph of musical irony

“This album is a triumph of musical irony over superficiality, ignorance and mundane cliches. It is created only of our thoughts, musical ideas, sufferings and experiences. It is the essence of us as musicians and as people, a synthesis of darkness, love and anger, joy and imagination, hope and misery” said “Colours of Bubbles” vocalist Julijus Aleksovas

The musician perceives “She Is the Darkness“ as an immense step forward quality-wise for them. Inordinately for a rock band, one of the most significant elements of the album is brass instruments, which delivers a sort of mid-twentieth century American cinema ambience to the music. Julijus regards it as a kind of soundtrack of a present-day world.

Nine songs which forge the album took more than a year to create and required four different studios to record. Two members of this Lithuanian indie-rock powerhouse decided to quit their well paid jobs in the capital city of Vilnius and returned to their hometown of Šiauliai to invest all their time in the creation of “She Is the Darkness”.

The name of the album has its own story and a compelling explanation, however band members withhold from revealing it just yet and ask to wait till the album presentation concerts which will begin in March in Lithuania, but already in June 10th band will perform in Riga (NABAKLAB) and June 11th in Liepāja (Fontaine Palace). The name is not the only part which remains behind the darkness, as the location of the first concert is also undisclosed. When pressed on it, musicians revealed only that it will be a dark, ambiguously regarded place with no lack of women.

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