Legendary HOLI Festival of Colours in RIGA

On 9 July 2016 in Lucavsala, Riga, for the second time in Latvia, the Holi Festival of Colours is on its way, inviting anyone to share the joy together and experience one of the most colourful open-air festivals of music, dance and art of this summer.

The HOLI Festival of Colours is the first and only festival of colours in Latvia that brings friends, families with children, young and likeminded people – the celebrators and creators of life together.

Throughout the entire day the festival visitors will have an opportunity to experience local and foreign musicians and DJ shows, and to relax diversely in the creative art zones. We will enjoy such artists as Carnival Youth, Bermundu Divstūris, Rīgas Modes, DJ Toms Grevins, Dj Twins Project and many others on several stages of the HOLI Festival of Colours.

Holi Festival of Colours 2015 aftermovie:

The origins of the HOLI Festival of Colours lie in India, where it is one of the oldest and richest in traditions festival. It is described as the joy, celebration of life, singing, dancing, the beginning of the new and farewells to the old. By painting one another and throwing the brightly coloured powder in the air all together, people break the social barriers, uniting and becoming full of ease, engage in the dance of colour powder. It is the festival of creating joy and the time, when everything is forgiven.

Let’s celebrate life with no borders and immerse ourselves in the most colourful adventure of this summer! More information about the programme will be available in July.

Tickets to the HOLI Festival of Colours are available to purchase here.

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