Leaders of the Genres

Some brilliant classical music, rap and pop/rock artists are performing in Baltics and they are going to be worth your time.

Virtuoso pianist Vestards Simkus and Liepajas Symphony Orchestra will close the orchestra`s 135th concert season with a wonderful performance on 20th May at concert hall “Lielais dzintars”.

Concert`s first part will consist of Johannes Brahm’s “Variations on a Theme by Haydn” and “Gliese 581”, which is the ninth concert for the orchestra, composed by Juris Karlsons.

In the second part, Vestards Simkus will join the orchestra to perform Brahm`s first piano concert – a very serious, but in its sounds very epic composition.

Don`t miss this professional “duo” perform!

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Get ready for the high-fashion music with Zebra Katz! He`ll perform at club “Loftas” on 21st May.

Zebra Katz, has been on the scene for a minute and has already been provoking reactions from music critics, rap fans and fashionistas. Originally emerging from a multimedia and performance art background, Zebra Katz understands how to paint bleak stories of sex and tragedy, as well as how to perform them vocally. With his deep baritone landing somewhere between Busta Rhymes and Maxi Jazz, Zebra Katz’ hypnotic, sexually ambiguous Ima Read caught the ears of Rick Owens and became a catwalk anthem and also heralded as the “Official Song of Paris Fashion Week”.

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Mika is coming!

On 22nd May at Arena Riga and on 23rd May at Zalgiris Arena, you`ll finally get the chance to hear Mika live.

Singer will perform his latest album “No Place In Heaven”. You`ll hear not only the new songs, but also the good old hits like “Big Girl” (You are beautiful), “Grace Kelly”, “Relax, Take It Easy”, “Lollipop” and many more.

Mika is sometimes compared to legendary Freddie Mercury, Elton John and “Scissor Sisters” – it is a must-hear!

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