Latvian new duo “Howling Owl” on the horizon – they already have fans in Brazil!

“Howling Owl” is new, promising duo based in Riga/Serbia. Influenced by nature and wide musical spectrum, Evija Vēbere and Lav Kovac have come together to create music. They describe their relationship as “yin yang”, and that is also represented in their music – avant and experimental pop. Soon enough, this bright duo is giving concert-series in Latvia, starting with March 3rd, when they`re going to perform in club DEPO (Riga).

  • Your debut EP “Dance For Common Sense” didn`t come out that long ago. How do you feel about that?

E: I already want to release another one. It feels good and we are very excited.

  • And what about the fans? What is their opinion?

L: I think we`re still trying to create our fan base.

E: A guy from Brazil wrote that he liked our EP. So we have fans in Brazil as well!

  • What is your favorite song at the moment?

E: I`ve thought about this and it`s hard to answer. I listen to everything that`s around, every little sound. Maybe it`s Bjork`s second recording. (Thinking) Oh, I remembered – a couple of days ago I watched movie “Carol” and I very liked the soundtrack. It moved me.

  • How would you describe your usual songwriting process?

E: I`m more of a loner. I can work on some new music when I`m alone. It`s like with food – at first you have to chew everything up.

  • Obviously you live in different countries so you`re apart from each other very often. How do you spend your free time when you`re meeting for shows in Latvia?

E: We just talk about our future. We go for a long walk and talk about our future. Or we go and have some beer. Usually there are some interviews or photoshoots in-between.

  • What is one of the things you would like to achieve in your music career?

L: Fame, money… Just joking.

E: I would like to be in that place when we`re on the stage and we really feel connected to the audience. I want to be in front of thousands of people and feel that electricity, that connection.

  • Are there any Latvian bands or musicians you`d like to work and make new music with?

E: That`s actually a secret but we`re working on something and I think you`re going to hear it quite soon. 

There`s no doubt that we will hear more magical music from “Howling Owl” in the future.

There`s no doubt that we will hear more magical music from “Howling Owl” in the future.

Until then, here are the dates of their upcoming shows in Latvia:

03.03.2016., DEPO (Riga)

04.03.2016., Fontaine Palace (Liepāja)

05.03.2016., Zabadaks (Kuldīga)

10.03.2016., Nabaklab (Riga)


Check out “Howling Owl`s” Facebook page here:


/Interview by Dārta Katrīne Salna, specially for

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