Latvian band Triana Park returned to Estonia to do something different!

A band that has gathered a lot of attention in Estonia and known for outstanding performances, Latvians own Triana Park found its way back to their neighbors and this time to Viljandi, where they recorded a totally unique acoustic version of their song “Son and Daughters”. You can see the result within the Viljandi Vibes session framework.

Triana Park is not an ordinary Baltic band – they like to do things differently. This time instead of filling the audience with energy they grabbed a cello and recorded the music session in Viljandi. What happens when you mix Red Hot Chili Peppers, Björk and Led Zeppelin, and turn the whole thing acoustic? You can see the result in the new Viljandi Vibes video session with Triana Park.
Viljandi Vibes is an acoustic live-session channel whose goals is to introduce new Estonian music and interesting places in the city of Viljandi. Among the artists are the freshest acts, as well as those loved by many. Triana Park is a step forward, bringing international music to the picture. You can follow what Viljandi Vibes is up to on their website.

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