KRIS releases a new song and will open this year’s POSITIVUS FESTIVAL

KRIS (Kristaps Biedrītis) has released a single called “Restless”. Video of the song is filmed in a lovely venue in Riga – this live video is Kristaps first big step towards his listeners with his new band and new sound. They will also open this year’s Positivus Festival on I Love You stage on Friday, 15th July at 13:45.

“Restless” is a story of man and nature, their interaction and relentless motion. It also seeks tranquillity within oneself.

Audio was mixed and mastered by Aivars Vaišļa, video edit by Elīza Eikerte, cameras by Elīza Eikerte, Alvils Bijons and Ernests Liepiņš.

Kristaps Bedritis /// KRIS is a singer-songwriter whose music is a blend of acoustic and melancholic tunes with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel. Inspired by such contemporaries as Fink, Ben Howard, Matt Corby and many more, he delivers music for the ones who stop and listen. Kristaps is performing with a band that includes Nauris Babris (drums), Kristaps Grinbergs (bass) and the talented guitarist Rihards Libietis (electric guitar). The sound within the band has now become more dynamic, bringing new vibes and new energy in the music, yet maintaining its depth and intimacy.

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