It’s all about Jazz

Life is a lot like jazz… it is best when you improvise. Jazz is something you have to feel, it is something you have to live. Here are some upcoming shows you can`t miss and some great music we suggest you to listen to:


Foundation “Modern music center” (“Mūsdienu mūzikas centrs”) has released international jazz contest`s “Riga Jazz Stage 2015” most vivid composition selection  “The Best of Riga Jazz Stage 2015”

There are eleven new talents presented in the album – the Grand Prix winner Daumants Kalniņš (Latvia), Ieva Paniulaityte (Lithuania), Tamuz Nissim (Israel), Polina Zizak (Russia), Pol Omedes (Spain) and others. This is the third composition selection – the previous ones were released in 2008 and 2014.

You can get your CD at music stores “Upe” and “Randoms”, and at “Riga Jazz Stage 2016” during 7-9 April in the cinema “Splendid Palace.”

Jazz stage2015_3d_digipack-02


On 15 April four bright Baltic jazz musicians “Tree Stone Quartet” will give a concert in the palace of culture “Ziemeļblāzma”.

There are following members in the quartet: saxophonist Kestutis Vaiginis and keyboardist Dmitry Golovanov from Lithuania, bassist Peedu Kass from Estonia and percussionist Kaspars Kurdeko from Latvia.

The group has already given several concerts in Baltic States, Germany and Poland. At the end of 2013 they recorded their debut album “Baltic sketches”, whose compositions you`ll be able to hear in Riga as well.



Irresistible post bebop pianist Aaron Goldberg and his jazz trio will begin a new concert cycle “Jurmala Jazz” and give a performance on 2 April at Dzintaru concert hall. During this concert-cycle, people will be able to enjoy many brilliant jazz musicians from all over the world.

Aaron Goldberg was born in Boston and turned to jazz while studying. After spending only a year in The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music in New York, he later graduated from Harvard University and replaced Boston`s cafés with Brooklyn – the paradise of jazz.

Aaron has recorded about 60 albums while playing in different band`s, and has performed to the United States leaders – John Kerry and Barack Obama. He is also manager of Betty Carter`s program “Jazz Ahead” at New York`s Kennedy Centre.

Aaron Goldberg`s jazz trio was founded in 1998. Virgin Islands bassist, reggae, gospel, Afro-Caribbean calypso musician Reuben Rogers and American percussionist, for the Baptist pastor prescribed musician Eric Harland are also members of the trio.

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