Indie dance / electronic duo ‘’Bel Tempo’’ releases new single “If You Want”

The song “If You Want” is about early, awkward and hopeful teenage years. Not knowing how to explain yourself the feelings that have not been experienced before – what to say, how to behave and how to please someone, at the same time avoiding the embarrassing situations that arise involuntarily. This is a stage that everyone has gone through.

‘’In my opinion, I was quite mature child for my years, however, also very sensitive in terms of communication, ” says the group’s singer Julijs. “I generally enjoyed long, deep conversations on all sorts of topics, and if I ever had a sympathy for a girl,  I wanted to enjoy the long conversations that, at the time, I only had by talking on the phone. Otherwise, I didn’t feel like maintaining face to face conversations. Honestly, I was afraid of embarrassing situations – with all the new emotions, I was very afraid of rejection or self-humiliation, while my friends didn’t care about such things and had already gotten to their first kisses.

I wrote this song so we all can remember this graceful stage in our lives because it is something that should not be forgotten. Looking back, it seems that it was a period of time when the whole world and opportunities were in our hands.’’

The song “If You Want” has been released under the record company “Amity Recordings” and is available on all popular streaming platforms.

Andis Ansons and Julijs Raimonds Melngailis is “Bel Tempo” – an indie dance / electronic duo based in Riga that was formed at the songwriting camp “RIGaLIVE”. In Italian, “Bel Tempo” means “having a good time” and that is what ‘’Bel Tempo’’ wants to give to its listeners: a refuge from the gray sky and puddles, from the cold wind and annoying faces. Bel Tempo self-describe their sound as a combination of voluptuous beats and analog synthesizers with silky vocals and vibrant guitar riffs, inspired by Caribou, Toro y Moi, Jungle and Jai Paul and at points Brit pop boys Blur.

Listen to Bel Tempo on Spotify

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