How to survive Mondays

Mondays can be difficult, we know, we know. But do you know what can make Mondays better? Yes, it is possible if there is MUSIC! Here are some inspiring songs about overcoming obstacles, challenges, hard times… basically – Mondays.

It does not matter who you are or where you come from, we all have experienced Mondays.

These later mentioned songs are feel-better, keep-going, it-gets-better songs about getting through hard times and overcoming adversity, challenges, obstacles and Mondays, of course.

Dedicate these songs to your hardship, adversity, burden, mountain, or challenge. Sing to yourself, to the universe, and/or whatever you believe in. Sing to your cat. Sing to whatever you need to, overcome those challenges, and go forward.

  • HOPE by Estonian cutie IIRIS


  • “Connection Lost” by Carnival Youth




  • “The Backbeat” by Frankie Animal

Cheer up – life is great if you listen to the good music!

What do you think?


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