Finish your jobs and say hello to the weekend. We wish life had a “rewind the weekend” button though…

Guinness World record holder, illusionist Rokas Bernatonis and saxophone virtuoso Roko Jauniau`s jazz group are inviting you to a fantastic show on 7th May at Bistrampolio district.

“Dvarų magija su Roku Bernatoniu” is an ongoing project, during which the illusionist will visit various Lithuanian estates and bring back the life in them.

Unexpected tricks and charisma has made the whole Las Vegas arena applaud the young magician.

The light jazz music will be best music choice while enjoying a magical glass of wine.

Tickets available

Frederik Küüts and Martin Johsson will perform at Tartu Jazz Club this Saturday

Frederik Küüts is a 16 year old Estonian musician , guitarist and composer. On February 17 Frederik released his debut EP “Lights & Lies”.

Check out this young talent and get your ticket

Estonians “HND” are celebrating their 10th anniversary on 7th May at Tallinn`s Rock Cafe

The band was established in 2006. They published their debu single “Barely breathing” (“Vaevu hingan”), which then reached Estonian radio and TV stations, and stayed in the charts for weeks. Next year their debut album “The book of sin” (“Paturaamat”) was released.

The band has played many concerts, among which they`ve been the warm-up act before “Def Leppard” show in Estonia. The band has also done television series “The office revenge” (“Kättemaksukontor”), and their music has been used in several movies (such as “Mushrooming”) (“Seenelkäik”).

Celebrate HND`s birthday and buy your ticket

This Saturday Lithuanian rock group “Sisters On Wire” will perform at Bar I Love You

Describing their music the band says that it’s “a kind of sonic bridge between British indie melancholy and American arena rock punchiness which eventually passes through mysterious Eastern European soul”. Their genre scatters across uplifting chants of “Snow Patrol”, the atmospheric heartland rock, a touch of soul grooves and a sonic wall of heavier guitar riffs.

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