Guess who’s coming to Baltics?!

The following two weeks seem to be full of musical enjoyment for all music lovers – here are some concerts you will enjoy:


Diva Mariah Carey is visiting Riga with her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour” very soon, so remember the most important information – April 7, “Arena Riga” at 20:00.

It`s her ninth concert tour. Know that tour`s set list has some songs Mariah has performed rarely, such as “Loverboy”, “When you believe” and “I know what you want”. No worries though – you`ll have the chance to sing along to her hits such as “Emotions”, “Touch my body” and the legendary “Hero”.

Both, ladies and gentleman will love the show – there are some handsome dancers on the stage while Mariah shows off her tempting dresses.


They are back! English electronic music group “The Prodigy” are coming back to Riga to give an awesome show. They`re going to perform on 16 April at Skonto hall, so don`t miss out on this musical adventure.

“The Prodigy” was founded in 1990 and is one of the best known electronic music bands in the world.

Their new album “The Day Is My Enemy” is out now! It`s the sixth studio album and was recorded across a timespan of six years – the concert remains one big intrigue..


Thirsty for some beats? New York-based DJ Dennis Ferrer is visiting Tallinn (“F-Hoone”) on 15 April.

Dennis is a veteran of soulful house music, and has worked with the Martinez Brothers, Little Louie Vega and many other notable New York producers and DJs.

Dennis says: “My records always tend to be records that people don`t get right away, but like six months later after they`ve been around for a while then they get it.”

You can get all tickets here:


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