Full line-up of Positivus Palladium stage unveiled

By adding seven Estonian acts, courtesy of Tallinn Music Week, and a few other exciting names the Palladium stage line-up at Positivus Festival is now complete! Previously announced names include Liima, Cigarettes After Sex, 20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros present AllttA, Satellites LV, Skyforger, Postaal and many more.

Tallinn Music Week on the Palladium stage will be represented by avangard Estrada Orchestra, sparkling Frankie Animal, ironic Grässhopas, electro-pop trio I Wear Experiment, brilliant funk and soul music performers Lexsoul Dancemachine, funky indie pop project Kali Briis Band and psychedelic innovators Ouu.

On the stage we will also find the ‘very provocative’ Latvian Hip-Hop group – Singapuras Satīns and a humorist from projects like Kreisais Krasts and Olas – Reiks.  The Electronic music on stage will be represented by producers DJ Rudd and Andis Ansons unveiled project – Bandmaster. While with the freshest sounds from Russian indie genre (with a little taste of brit-pop) will be played by a band from Moscow – Milk. Positivus programmme also will be supplemented by Latvian rock’n’roll band Laika Suns.

ONLY 40 DAYS LEFT! Hurry up and get your ticket here!

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