Friendly chat with “Sisters On Wire” after their performance at “I Love You” bar in Riga

Last Saturday Lithuanian rock band “Sisters On Wire” was performing at Bar I Love You

After the show we had a friendly chat with “Sisters On Wire” members – Oleg Jerochin (Vocals , guitar), Fil Gusev (guitar, lyrics) about them and there future plans.


This was your first concert outside Lithuania. How do you feel after finally hitting the different stage?

G: Our first emotions came, when we entered Riga, when we saw a sign written RIGA.  And then by entering the Old town, which is so massive and big, and then we honestly were shocked a bit of the place, where we supposed to play, I mean, it’s a quite small, but after we made sound check, the good feeling came back to us! Yeah, we were happy, because it was our first gig outside Lithuania. For the first time we didn’t have any expectations and we enjoyed it!

How long “Sisters On Wire” exist?

F: It’s now a year and a half.

G: Yes, In Autumn it’s going to be two years.

Do you have any albums released?

G: We have released EP it’s just goes as EP and after that we released  two  singles “Earth” and “Voices”,  and now we are going to release another EP, and then LP, which I think it’s going to be at Autumn.

Tonight you sounded really great, but sometimes artists make some mistakes in concerts, how do you deal with mistakes and how you get yourself together and get out of this situation?

G: Actually the previous gig we had, we made same mistake at the same place in the same song, like tonight. And we were looking to each other – “What is going on?” We just kept going, for us it’s more difficult, because we can’t fully improvise, because you may have noticed that part of our music is on computer, so we need to start everything again to be synch. It doesn’t happen too often, but still.

F: Actually we found out that making mistakes helps a lot, it helps us make a conversation with public, they are really supportive, so we just relax and start again and do our best.


Do you have a stress before concerts? And if you do, how do you deal with it?

G: Sometimes we are worrying about gear, because something can break at the unfortunate moment. But we don’t have that kind of stress because of public or performance.  We would have more stress if we had to work at the office instead of making music.

F: For us performing is relaxing and stress release.

What you are doing at your free time in real life?

F: Sometimes I play some music at weddings or some other events, just to keep practicing.

G: We are full time musicians.  But if we are not doing music we are thinking about music or talking about music and, of course, listen to the music. I couldn’t imagine my life without music, of course once in my life time if have tried to do something else, but those things aren’t give me such joy as making music.

What is your plan with your music career? Or it’s more like having fun?

G: We just released 2nd EP, and Lithuanian radio are playing them. Couple of our songs were in Lithuanian comedy “Rock boys talking about it”. It was like next step for us. We are growing, growing. It’s fine, what we want say that we are having fun, but we do work hard as well it’s not like just having fun and so, we are very focused.

(In background Ewert and The Two Dragons is played) Do you know what is this song?

G: Probably some Latvian. No?

F: Estonian. Ewert and The Two Dragons.

G: Oh yes, I know them, I listen to them, they are signed to “I love you records”. They are quite big band I think.

Yes it is, but they started just like you with small performances and nobody knew them, but now they are selling out concert halls. And in recent years more great bands from Lithuania are showing up with some great music. What do you think?

G: We also noticed that more music bands are coming from Lithuania lately. I think it’s all about the young generation that have grown up with other artists than old generation. Because adults and older people are listening more to Lithuanian music mostly and young people are listening to good artists and start to play music in similar style.

F: The music taste in general becomes different. Now the borders are open and traveling also gives more inspiration, music taste become better and we become more advanced. Lately, quality of Baltic music has raised up and soon we really will be able to compete with big music industry.


What are your plans for the summer? Any concerts?

G: Yes, we will have some concerts in Lithuania and of course we will perform at some festivals in Lithuania as well.

And in Latvia or Estonia? Maybe Positivus festival?

G: Would be cool. Still waiting for their call. “Hey, where is my phone, have to check it, maybe there are calling me right now.” (smiles)

F: Next year maybe. I think a lot of things will move faster after we release our debut album. And also we are going to film our first music video in this summer.





Interview by Alise Cibule,


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