Friday chat with “Rīgas Modes” front man Kalvis Bormanis

What are your plans for the weekend?

In a few words – I will more likely sleep and don`t go out anywhere, because I have recently returned from a holiday – I was in the United States. So as it usually happens – I still have some problems with acclimatization, I have so called jet lag. And this is why I will probably not go anywhere, sleep and watch TV series.

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Who do you like to spend your leisure time with?

I prefer to spend my free time with my friends. I am lucky that my best friends play in the same band with me. By the way – Anetes (Anete Stuce, keys in “Rigas Modes”) birthday is this Sunday. This is our weekend’s biggest project – to surprise Anete and give her a present. We still can`t decide whether to give her a cat or something else. It is not 100 percent clear yet.

Do you have a favorite song or album that you listen to on weekends?

I love Drake and Miguel, but it is music for sleepless Friday nights, which, as you know, is not too harmonic rest. My holiday-life soundtrack are albums that I can listen to from A to Z, because I am the laziest person in the world and at such moments I definitely have no desire to look for “better” songs. You can always rely on classics, because anything of Django Reinhardt, Shuggie Otis or Carole King works. It is hard to find something like that in modern music, but The Radio Dept., The Sea And Cake and Kings Of Convenience is a very safe choice – you can listen to it a lot and you won`t get mad. From Baltic scene I suggest Vaiko Eplik records – I still have no idea what is he singing about, but “Nelgid” and “Nõgesed” are cosmically beautiful albums.

Describe your perfect weekend.

My perfect weekend would probably be somewhere outside the city, because you can get really tired of living between noises all the time, plus there are many temptations to go out somewhere. So the best way I can relax is if I go outside Riga – to the beach or summer cottage.

What is your formula for surviving Mondays?

I do not have any special ritual for Mondays. On Mondays I am probably more of a grumpy cat than on a daily basis. I eat healthy breakfast – yogurt with muesli, drink coffee and juice – and then I feel a little happier and am ready to do something about it.

What do you think?

What’s coming NEXT?

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