Friday chat with Audience Killers

When Latvian synthpop/electropop group “Audience Killers” performs, they definitely become the center of attention. On 20th May the band will release their debut album “Floating Islands”.

But before that we had a little chat with “Audience Killers” members – Normunds (vocals, keyboards, and guitar), Arletta (keyboards, backing vocals) and Edgars (drums).

What`s new in your musical career?

N: In mid-February we finished our debut album in our studio, which we built by ourselves.

E: The studio is called “Trii House”. Story of the album begun, when we found the space and started building our own recording studio, which we built successfully. Then we recorded the album and now the release is approaching. Presentation concert will be on 21st May at club “One One”, but the album will be released on 20th May.

What can the audience expect from the new album?

E: It`s our first album, we previously had an EP. We were the ones that produced the album, but we also had a sound engineer. Because we produced it ourselves, it will be more personal, a pure expression of our creativity.

N: All of it was created in a relaxed atmosphere.

E: It seems that the album concept developed very clearly – there is one story that follows through the whole album. We have already discussed that this is the album about our lives – you practice music, you grow, thereby, the music grows up with you.

How do you feel about releasing your first full-length album?

N: Right now it is a stressful period. The whole album was written as we had many rich ideas, and there were spontaneous moments. We didn`t really attempt to play it all live before recording. There was more of a coding, but now we actively rehearse to play these songs live. Pretty crazy period… Lots of work.

E: We went to the studio and knew, that there are going to be the basic ideas, but we haven`t specially rehearsed anything. The ideas were not hundred percent ready.

If we talk about the future – what are your plans for the summer?

E: Right now we focus on the opening concert and everything else will be afterwards. But if we talk about video clips – on 6th May our next single comes out. The first single “Circus in the Sky” came out with a video, and next single “Sounds Like You” will also have one. The video clips are filmed in collaboration with Canadian director at one of Canada`s islands.

A: Thematically it checks with the name of our album – “Floating Islands”.

N: The interesting thing is that we don`t know what`s happening – the director is doing his work and we`re not disturbing him. We work more with the music. It`s always interesting to see the previews. I remember the first time I watched the animation for the song “Circus in the Sky” – I was watching it with a smile on my face.

A: You need to trust other`s feeling and see, how others perceive your songs.

What are your plans for the weekend?

E: We will be sitting in the studio and rehearsing.

N: Right now we spend every day rehearsing.

E: We don`t have holidays.

A: But we are doing things that we chose ourselves. This is a pretty cool time – with all the rehearsals… You need to enjoy it.

N: And it is finally warm, which is a bonus.


Are there any songs or albums that you listen to on weekends?

N: I haven`t heard new music for a long time. I have even stopped listening to music on headphones.

E: My holiday music, when I get up, drink some coffee and feel happy, is “Jungle”.

Describe your perfect weekend.

N: It would probably be in complete silence, with no sounds around.

A: I would spend my holidays somewhere in nature. I like to escape from the crowd, Riga, and go into the woods, sneak into the deepest meadow, go for a hike.

E: My perfect weekend would definitely be in the countryside. Bath house, nature, a walk through the woods…But that is in the active period when there`s lots to do. In more passive period I would go on a plane and fly to Vienna, to some classical music concert.

N: When I think about it… it would be barbecue.

E: So, summary – our band`s perfect weekend would be in the countryside after a walk through the woods. I would go to the bath house, while Normunds and Arletta would grill some meat.

What do you think?

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