Fredi x Inga – It’s Not Me (It’s U) or ‘the diss track to cheaters’

Photo by Marleen Muhuste

Guitarist, producer and songwriter Fredi has joined forces with the RnB-pop princess INGA for a collab-track called “It’s Not Me (It’s U)”, self-released on the 28th of April.

The two young and talented artists from Estonia wrote a track that acts as a middle finger to those who dare to cheat on their loved ones.

“The message is quite ruthless and unforgiving if you take the time to analyse the lyrics,” says Inga Tislar.

The singer who gained popularity participating in Eesti Laul many years in a row, now is the lead-singer for the band deLulu.

Produced by Maiken Palm, the music video illustrates the song in a sassy way. “We had a lot of fun during the shoot, no holding back there! Many details to unpack in the video as well,” said Inga.
“Working on the track didn’t actually feel like working at all. We’ve been friends with Fredi for ages so the studio sessions felt just like hanging out, with the added bonus of making music.”

It’s Not Me (It’s U)” marks the 4th collaboration as a producer-artist for Fredi. Last summer he released a track called “LA” featuring the funk-pop super-group Gram-Of-Fun. Fredi has also produced and co-written tracks for the Eesti Laul contest: this year he collabed with the soul singer Rahel, a year earlier with Anett, female artist of the year 2021.

“If I had Inga’s voice, I’d never shut up,” admitted Fredi. “So the idea for joining forces came out of a sort of necessity. The fact that I sang on it, was a mere accident. It’s really fun if you get to work on music with your friends so a huge shout-out to the musicians and video-crew behind it all.” 

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