Fado night with Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich and Rihards Libietis Trio

Free open-air concerts take place every Thursday in the Kalnciema Quarter courtyard, Riga. Local indie and alternative rock bands, jazz, classical and folk artists as well as visiting musicians from abroad play these concerts.

Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich will perform with an romantic Portugal music genre – Fado based program on June 16. In collaboration with guitarists Ivars Hermanis and Āris Ozols, Jolanda Gulbe-Pashkevich will bring you trough the history of Fado in one night.

Fado is a national treasure and is a worldwide musical symbol of Portuguese culture and tradition. This melancholic genre, which translates to ‘fate’ in Latin, reveals the passion in the Portuguese disposition and evokes a despairing belief in a futile destiny filled with pining and hopelessness.

Also, on the first part of this adventure, you’ll be able to hear Rihards Libietis Trio – a unique Latvian solo guitarist, associated with Matīss Repsis on percussion and Erna Daugaviete on cello.

The evening starts at 18:00.



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