Our regular, recreational as well as entertainment lives are slowly getting back to normal (whatever that means now:)). Safety regulations still have to be followed, but we can start enjoying live events and each other’s company more and more. That is something to celebrate. Check out this week’s event highlights in Estonia:



EVENT: Von Krahl Open Mic Teisipäev 1 and Von Krahl Open Mic Teisipäev 2, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

The time has come when we can finally bring you again our beloved Open Mic! Performers old and new will take the stage, presenting their new material that they have been collecting for 3 months. Quarantine restrictions have been relaxed, but we still have to follow certain rules in order to organize our events as safely as possible. We do our best to follow safety requirements and keep you, our fans, healthy.

Open Mic starts at 18:00 and we are waiting for you at 17:30. Admission is free, but since the quarantine also affected us, we still have a bucket circulating where you can store cash to help us operate and continue the events – we greatly appreciate your contribution and support! This event is mostly in Estonian.


JUNE 9 – 12

EVENT: 75 Limited Live, June 8 – 12, 9:00 PM- Midnight

LIVE MUSIC IS BACK! It’s been a long time and we couldn’t be happier to announce a run of 5 days of sweet live music. 5 days. 5 Bands. 75 People Limited Live. Each day we will have a curated evening featuring one band delivering an intimate performance to a limited crowd of 75 people to comply with the current regulations in place. TICKETS

The week will commence as below.

  • Tue, 09.06 – Kaschalot – instrumental math/post rock quartet – doors 20:00, live 21:00
  • Wed, 10.06 – Pinkwave – Haze punk band – doors 20:00, live 21:00
  • Thu, 11.06 – Modulshtein – IDM, future jazz, ambient, downtempo fusion – doors 20:00, live 21:00
  • Fri, 12.06 – Andres Lõo – Club orientated experimental electronics with vocals – doors 20:00, live 21:00



EVENT: Boogie Company, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Come and be a part of Boogie Company’s energetic and performance and of course… don’t forget to bring your dance shoes! The band’s heart is set on making the rockabilly music style as comprehensive as possible and to offer both listening and dancing pleasure to the audience. The program is in Estonian and English.


EVENT: Markus Eermann Quartet, 8 PM – 9:30 PM

Philly Joe’s summer 2020: MARKUS EERMANN QUARTET. Flutist and saxophonist Markus Anthony Eermann is one of the most outstanding younger generation flutist in Estonia. He has had the opportunity to work together with artists and orchestras like Metropol Youth Orchestra, Frankie Rousseau, New Wind Jazz Orchestra, Siim Aimla and CvA Concert Big Band with Aaron Parks. Markus Eermann Quartet will present both original compositions and own versions jazz standards. TICKETS


ART ACTIVITY EVENT: Wednesday Sketching UE, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Drawing event for everybody. No worries about your skills or experience. Bring your own art supplies and sketch everything around you. WS Urban Edition – each event new location in Tallinn. The local artist shows to you his favorite corners and secret places;)
Where? Now its Kopli time! Let’s start at Maleva tram station. We meet HERE and then start our sketch tour with a local guide – Mikhail Iljin.


ONLINE EVENT: Pärnu City Orchestra live: Quintet. Hindemith, Fučik, Bozza, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

The Pärnu City Orchestra will continue with the Facebook LIVE chamber music series on Wednesday, June 10. Through a live broadcast at noon, we bring a selection of well-known quintet music to the audience from the hall of Pärnu Town Hall. Performers are Leonora Palu (flute), Anna Shulichenko (oboe), Edmunds Altmanis (clarinet), Jakob Peäske (bassoon), Mattias Vihmann (horn). The concert is free.



ACTIVITY EVENT: Cycling Adventure in North-Tallinn, 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

If you’ve been living in Tallinn and always wanted to explore the city’s off-the-beaten track corners, but didn’t want to do it alone… Join us! We will start our series of neighborhood explorations with an adventurous cycling trip to explore two of Tallinn´s most exciting peninsulas – Paljassaare and Kopli! The trip will take you through the various neighborhoods of North Tallinn with a guide who can explain about the architecture and history. You will see the former Naval Fortress of Peter the Great and make a stop at the trendy Noblessner Quarter before continuing to the nature preserve of Paljassaare and then Kopli, the gem of urban renewal with its parks and old industrial buildings. REGISTER


ART ACTIVITY EVENT: Krahl & Draw – The Tanker Session, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Drink & Draw has always been a mission, a mission to create an open community for artists and models to express themselves. ( Sorry, yes, and having a drink together ). Von Krahl has offered us its theatre hall upstairs, which is huge and offers the opportunity to set the chairs and tables far away from each other. TICKETS can only be bought online  and we will have a maximum of 40 people. And with all other necessary precautions in mind, Iit should be possible to safely return to drink and draw! It will be a bit different than before. From now on we will supply everyone with drawingtools and a4 papers for keeps to work with.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an art-class, there is no instructor, but a fun and friendly opportunity for you to draw, chill and learn from and with your fellow artists. All skill levels are welcome!



EVENT: Restart at Studio 12.06, 8 PM – 2 AM

]The studio is back! Although in a much more exclusive and limited form than before, but most importantly – safely. Thus, the number of participants is limited. Dress-code – smart casual.  TICKETS


EVENT: LIVE: Linalakk & Sõbrad, 9 PM – 12 AM

The second Friday in June is especially diverse thanks to Linalakk & Sõbrad. They do not frame themselves, are spontaneous and have a tastefully sweet synergy. Come and see for yourself!


ON LOCATION AND ONLINE EVENT: Terrass —— Inside Out, 6:00 PM – Midnight

After a break, we are glad to welcome you back at our upgraded terrace, to enjoy drinks & good music.  The event is free and will also be streamed online, so you can still join us wherever you are. STREAM

  • Labrighli
  • Tarmo Kull (deep&melodic house set)
  • Sound Architect

We can’t ask for you to buy a ticket when raving at home, but for those who at tough times can and wish to support us in making these events for you, we welcome the help. DONATE via PAYPAL


LIVE MUSIC: Sunset Session #4: KaiF x Frankie Animal, 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM 

Another nice afternoon for the guests of the KaiF bar terrace! This time Frankie Animal with a DJ set.

NB! It is not an event but live music on KaiF terrace.



MUSICAL EVENT: Peninuki Live: The Crosslegs, 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM

We invite you to our new pleasant corner in the yard of the Apparatus Factory, where you can enjoy music and a carefree atmosphere with nice cocktails, good wines and local products. Our first LIVE performers are The Crosslegs. They are boys from Tartu and the most accurate description of theur music genre would be modern folk with Irish influences.

Villem Suits – piano / vocals
Alden Mayfield – guitar / vocals
Siim Sõmer – flute
Karl Valkna – drums / vocals
Vidrik Toom Tabas – bass / vocals


MUSICAL EVENT: Kadri Voorand’s exclusive love song concert, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

The gloomy summer evenings have arrived, and what could be more pleasant than listening to a concert full of love – right on the water, on board the floating cultural center on the Emajõgi River in Tartu. I invite you to the Inland Waters Embassy on June 13 at 20:00 for a solo concert of love songs. What makes the company special is the fact that the ship can only accommodate about twenty listeners. TICKET can be purchased by writing to or directly to Facebook messages. Ticket price is 29 eur.


ENTERTAINMENT EVENT: Retro Party Past w / Kalev K!, 11:00PM – 4:00 AM

Retro party series “The Past Is Back” with a mid-summer old school bang! Good mood and unforgettable hits are ready for record players – go retro! The best man behind the record players is obviously DJ Kalev K. TICKETS


MUSICAL EVENT: Art Club Ro-Ro: Radium / Pale Alison, 9:00 PM – Midnight

Yes, the wooden gates of RoRo will open! May the lights of St. Elmo sparkle over the treetops and masts of the ships! Let the bass waves buzz and the drums rattle and heavy riffs and guitar melodies fill the room!
Come on June 13 to a concert at the Art Club RoRo and, together with the Radium and Pale Alison bands, celebrate the Survivors’ holiday!


JUNE 12 & 13

EVENT: Naive Birthday & Silent Disco, from 4:00 PM

This year we celebrate our birthday with two parties! You’ll be able to enjoy the parties and dance in the courtyard and on the terrace all night long. The neighbours won’t mind because the music will be on the headphones. The entrance is free.


JUNE 13 & 14

EDUCATIONAL EVENT: Mixing Workshop with José Diogo Neves, June 13 – at 10:00 AM, June 14 – at 3:00 PM

Through this two-day workshop mixing concepts are introduced, including advanced theory on sound frequencies and dynamics processors, room emulators and their use in mixing. Different computer-based mixing techniques are demonstrated across a variety of projects. Analogue and digital equipment are being taught to understand their role in the process and to achieve the best result. The workshop is conducted by José Diogo Neves – multi-award winning recording, mixing and mastering engineer living in Estonia – through his point of view and with highly efficient material to obtain maximum effects. REGISTER

Check out events in LITHUANIA and LATVIA as well!

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