Yard concerts, city festivals, outdoor cinema nights, unique theatre experiences and classical music gems – cultural events are booming in Latvia. Check out ths week’s highlights and mark your calendar:


MUSIC EVENT: Valters Pūce & Dainis Tenis “Bez elektrības.” (“Without Electricity”) Rāmie šovi*, 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

Kalnciems quarter invites you to special concerts on Tuesday evenings! On the evening of July 21, the musically intense and glorious members of the Latvian group DAGAMBA will perform on the stage of Kalnciems quarter with a musical program – classical music “Without electricity!”. Cellist Valters Pūce and pianist Dainis Tenis will offer an evening with hits from both classical & popular music, cello and piano. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: Vladislavs Nastavševs & Ezeri “Lēnās dejas dārzā” (“Slowdances in the Garden”), from 7:00 PM, Riga

After a long break theatre director and musicianVladislav Nastavshev, and the experimental music band “Ezeri” return with a concert in the garden of Von Strick’s villa. Nastavševs together with “Ezeri” will perform his own music from his productions. The slow dance evening is a concert of a different format, in which the romantic mood allows the listener to be closer to the artists and present in what is happening, at the same time gaining their personal experience. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Loreta Reide // Tom Simo // the group “Bekars”, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

This will be a specific, summer carefree pop music evening! On July 22 – Loreta Reide, Tom Simo and the band “Bekars” will perform at the cultural bar “Balodis” – they are all part of the new generation of Latvian pop music. Dance the night away with them! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis / Summer Festival 2020 in Berga Bazaar, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Riga

Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis is a singer, trumpet player and songwriter, as well as a participant in several Latvian TV shows. The singer’s passion is soul music and jazz, so in his concerts the musician performs cover versions of his favorite artists’ songs only in his own manner. Come to Berga Bazaar to check it out!

MUSIC EVENT: Kārlis Kazāks & Undīne Balode | Reinis Jaunais in a concert in Spīķeri, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Riga

On July 22, you are invited to a particularly beautiful concert in Spīķeri, where one of the most well-known young guitarists in Latvia – Reinis Jaunais – will take the stage, and in the evening – singer Kārlis Kazāks and cellist Undīne Balode will join with a concert program. It is an open air event and the entrance is FREE. 

MUSIC EVENT: MIKS DUKURS In the Pavilion Ziedondarzs, from 7:00 PM, Rīga

Musician Miks Dukurs will perform a live terrace concert at the Pavilion Ziedoņdārzs in one of the most beautiful parks of Riga. A very intimate setting for a beautiful concert!

CLASSICAL MUSIC EVENT: Opening of Jurmala festival. Three Osokins, 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM, Jurmala & Online

For the third year in a row the program of “Jūrmala Festival” will host one of the most anticipated piano music concerts – the concert of the “Three Osokins” dynasty in Dzintari Concert Hall. “Three Osokins” are outstanding piano music virtuosos, piano researchers and complex artists, whose concert programs are always a special occasion for piano lovers. This year  and we will hear the pearls of piano music by Frederic Chopin, Robert Schuman, Alexander Scriabin, Francis Pulenka and Maurice Ravel. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: Grupa ZĀLE / backyard concert, 6:00 PM – 11:59 PM, Riga

Come enjoy a warm, cozy backyard atmosphere accompanied by a live concert from the band ZĀLE.”We long for you. For the summer. For the storm-charged energy that flickers at the fingertips of the instrument. For magical evenings in the whispers of warm winds and friendly gazes. And now you can! See you in concert on July 23″.  TICKETS

FILM EVENT: Open-air cinema evening in Spīķeri: the film Fast Estonian Guys, 10:00PM – 11:30 PM, Riga

On Thursday, July 23, in the evening of Spīķeri open-air cinema, come see the action comedy “Fast Estonian Guys” on the big screen. Free entrance. Film in Estonian with subtitles in Latvian and Russian.

FILM EVENT: Open-air cinema at Autentika: “Ocean’s Eleven”, 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM, Riga

Kino Kults, cultural space Autentika and United States Embassy – Riga, Latvia invites you to an open-air cinema evening program – where you will enjoy a great and already beloved cinema in the fresh air and in wonderful company, moreover, FREE OF CHARGE! 

MUSIC EVENT: TENKA / 天火 Geometry Of Sound @Robert’s Books, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

天火 or TENKA means “fire of the sky” from Japanese. It is the other side of Deniss Pashkevich – the modular world. He is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who joins the modern rhythmical music through TENKA. Deniss creates acoustic and electronic modular soundscapes that both find their roots in tradition and freedom – two cornerstones that hold together everything Deniss creates.TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: RAHU THE FOOL @Bergs Bazaar, 9:48 PM, Riga

RAHU THE FOOL are back! And they’re here to make you dance! See you there!

MUSIC EVENT: Jazz and Soul Music Concert in Tallinn Courtyard, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

Tallinn Courtyard Bar offers a series of daily concerts – concerts that take place earlier than usual. “Jazz and Soul Trio” concert No. 2. Arvils Rihards Bernāts, Paula Saija and Dāvids are friends and music studies mates who are united by true love for music. Music of any genre is close to their heart, as long as its soul can be heard and felt, so this evening the trio will delight listeners with songs ranging from jazz and soul music to a heart-felt Latvian folk melody. TICKETS


CLASSICAL MUSIC EVENT: Live concert – Born in Latvia. Jurmala Festival, 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM, Jurmala & Online

Continuing the tradition established in Latvia’s centenary, at the “Jūrmala Festival” we will meet outstanding Latvian-born musicians who have gained wide international recognition – opera singer Aleksandrs Antoņenko, pianist Reinis Zariņš, violinist Raimonds Ozols, pianists Sergejs and Andrejs Osokins and violinist Kristīne Balanas. They will be joined on the big stage of the Dzintari Concert Hall by young Latvian talents and the state chamber orchestra “Sinfonietta Rīga”. The conductor of the concert is the internationally recognized musical director of the Berlin Comic Opera Ainars Rubikis. The special novelty of this year’s “Jurmala Festival” is the live webcasts of all concerts! TICKETS FOR ONLINE CONCERTS

DANCE MUSIC EVENT: Veuve Friday @KOYA RESTAURANT, 7:00 PM – Midnight, Riga

What is Andrejosta without Friday?! … what is a Friday without a DJ … … and what is a DJ without champagne … and what is a real champagne without oysters?! See you at 19:00 KOYA restaurant & bar, because what is KOYA without YOU?! Veuve Clicquout bar, oysters in the kitchen and Dj Aspirins behind the counter.

MUSIC EVENT: Latvian Blues Band // Live music night, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

Live music night in the summer garden “No Problem” in the heart of Old Riga. The best blues band in Latvia will play for you.

MUSIC EVENT: Outdoor Raft with Labvēlīgais Tips, 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Riga

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the band Labvēlīgais Tips play all its best hits in one place! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Author’s concert by actor Mārtiņš Liepa | DIFFERENT (Citādāks), from 7:00 PM, Cēsis

A concert-conversation will take place with Kārlis Kanderovskis on guitar and actor Mārtiņš Liepa who will perform his own songs with lyrics from well-known Latvian poets Imants Ziedonis, Ojārs Vācietis and Inga Gaile. Mārtiņš will share not only his songs, but also stories about how his melodies metthese poets and why exactly them? TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Sibyl Vane – ”Duchess” together with Purple Negative, 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM, Riga

Estonian band “Sibyl Vane” returns to Riga. On Friday, July 24, Estonian indie pop / alternative rock band Sibyl Vane will present their latest album “Duchess”. The Estonian band “Sibyl Vane” is best described by indie-pop combined with post-punk revival and elements of alternative rock from the 90’s. “Sibyl Vane” stands out in the expressive and melancholic sound of the band’s leaders – singer, songwriter and guitarist Helena Randlaht’s recognizable, unique voice and charismatic image. Come check it out! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Fontaine 100: Riga Reggae, 7:00 PM – 11:55 PM, Liepāja

Come vibe and chill out to Riga Reggae. The perfect summer vibe! Only 100 tickets available! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: LIVI | Support Act ‘Bloody Heels’, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Liepāja

The story of LIVI is endless , life, death ,drugs, Rock’n Roll , but it seems like no matter what happens the band is still rolling into the future. A new line up have shaped the band back to, were it belongs on top the Latvian latter of Rock’n Roll . Their songs is known by 40 generations of Latvians, time to sing along.
As opening act at 19:00 we are happy to present One of the fresh new acts in European hard rock scene. Bloody Heels has been around since year 2012 and since then the band has released an EP called ‘Summer Nights’ (2014) and LP ‘Through Mystery’ (2017) ! The line-up consists of four members – Vicky White (Vocals) , Harry Rivers (Guitar) , Tommy Everett (Bass) and Gus Hawk (Drums) ! The band has played shows all around Europe including – Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Baltic States and etc. In 2019 the band signed deals with one of the biggest rock/hardrock labels “Frontiers Music Srl”. TICKETS

DANCE MUSIC EVENT: Silent DISCO Quarantine Edition VOL 2, 6:00 PM – Midnight, Riga

We continue the best traditions of quarantine period and have the second Silent Disco party in the quarter of the Tallinn Street! The number of headphones is limited. Entrance 5 €.

DANCE MUSIC EVENT: Parallx / R Label Group @Autentika, 8:00 PM – Midnight, Riga

Parallx, born and raised in the dirty industrial landscapes of the Ruhr metropolis in West Germany and based in Berlin since 2010, belongs to the new rising techno generation. His EBM- , Industrial- and 90’s Techno inspired productions are despite its rough power on the dance floor, finely designed down to the smallest detail. In 2017 Parallx released his first Records on Kobosil’s imprint R – Label Group as well as on Arts and was voted #3 Newcomer of the Year by the readers of Groove Magazine. His versatile DJ sets, who stand out through the mix of powerful 2000s techno and EBM, as well as his excursion into Darkwave, Synth Pop and Electro, opened him the door to the legendary club Berghain and other clubs all over Europe.

Local support: Gesta, Ksenia Kamikaza, SABINĒ

MUSIC EVENT: FAB musical night with ANNELI ARRO, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Riga

On Friday evening ANNELI ARRO will visit us to delight with the simplicity, fragility and melodicity of her music. Anneli Arro creates and performs her original music, often characterised as truthful and melodic. Regarding the creation of the songs, Anneli says: “Let the song take you away, carry you, release you as it reaches its end.” This is how the debut solo album “Lucas” (released in 2016) was created, as well as the songs that followed. The concert will feature both, songs included in the album “Lucas” and those created after the release of the album. Latvian-born Anneli is of Estonian origin, she also plays the rhythm in the Latvian indie-pop group “Sus Dungo”, as well as is one of the participants of the project “himnas” (“anthems”). The entrance is free.

JULY 24 – 26

MUSIC EVENT: Viens (One) | Concert-performance in seven parts, Ventspils

For three days, from July 24 to 26, the concert hall Latvija will celebrate the anniversary by inviting guests to a concert-performance “Viens” (“One”). The concert-performance “Viens” will be a trip into the music by composer Darius Milhaud. Each guest will be invited to experience an intimate dialogue with each chamber orchestra instrument separately, as well as to agree on a common musical experience! TICKETS



The excursion performance “Wonderers” in the circus building is a site-specific audience-involving show to be experienced individually assisted by an audio guide. During the performance, the circus building will tell its life story, introducing you to the amazing circus artists and events that have taken place over its 130 year-long history. This time, you will be allowed to uncover the secrets and look inside the rooms behind the curtain where magic is being shaped and prepared for the arena: joy, energy, blood, sweat and tears, and great responsibility, fear, concentration and excitement – you will experience all these feelings and emotions during the vivacious expedition to the heart of the circus. TICKETS

CITY CELEBRATION EVENT: Valmiera City 737 Birthday Celebration with various Latvian artists, from 6:00 PM, Valmiera

This is your flight ticket for my 737th birthday party. We can’t meet in large crowds in this unusual year, so I’ll be very happy if you choose several destinations with me and get involved in organizing the festival yourself as well. Various surprises have been prepared – in Valmiera we will open musical airfields, boil mousses, jump around, watch balloons and be in the air together.

On Saturday, July 25, several places will turn into musical airfields. Aija Andrejeva will land there with her band, Ivo Fomins with his band, wind orchestra “Signāls” and the bigband “Valmieras puikas”, as well as bands “Sudden Lights”, “Apvedceļš”, “Kantoris 04”. If you don’t have the chance to see the concerts in person, you will also be able to watch them live on Valmiera’s official “Facebook” page.
Another landing place on July 25 will be in the parking lot near Vidzeme Olympic center – there will be an open-air cinema evening. Also on the big screen – about and around flying.

Aija Andrejeva’s concert at Pārgauja’s Musical Airport, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Valmiera

The band “Čipsis un Dullais” & “Sudden Lights”, 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Valmiera

Čipsis un Dullais & Sudden Lights will bring you two very different concerts and very different vibes, come listen, compare and enjoy together with them!

Ivo Fomin’s Concert at Burkānciems, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Valmiera

Labvēlīgais Tips , 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Valmiera

The band invites you to a reunion with friends, relatives, neighbors and other fans of the band. TICKETS

CITY CELEBRATION/MUSIC EVENT: Skan visa Liepāja! / Liepāja’s Sounds!, 12:00 PM – 10:30 PM, Liepāja

On July 25, a total of 16 concerts will take place, which will fill whole city of Liepaja with sound. Various musicians will play 15-minute concert programs in various parts of Liepaja! Stumble upon the cocnert that best fits your taste! At the end of the evening, all musicians will create a joint concert program (1 hour and 30 minutes long), which will be played from the balcony of the Great Amber Concert Hall. All concerts are free.

MUSIC EVENT: Simple Man at Follkclub Ala, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Rīga

This is not the first time that the group Simple Man will perform and rock out at Folkclub Ala, come rock out with them! 

MUSIC EVENT: Prusax – concert without age restriction, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Riga

Hip-hop artist Prusax will blow up the stage with the hits of the debut album “A +”! #savethedate

ARTISTIC EVENT: Comet Academy, 12:00 PM – Midnight, Riga

Continuing the idea of the “Komēta”s long-term goal – to revive the Daugavgriva fortress and the surrounding areas as a place of culture and thought, this summer the festival will organize additional events in the Daugavgriva fortress. The first one will be the KOMĒTA ACADEMY.
From the very beginning of the festival, the Komēta Academy has been the heart that ignites the unifying pulse of the whole festival; it is a place for thought experiments, lively discussions, and forbidden questions to finally asked. In a way, it is the practice of mind ecology – through workshops, lectures, and discussions, participants will be invited to jointly create and share knowledge.
It is a place to think collectively about what it means to live in society, to take responsibility, to reconnect with oneself, one’s feelings, other living beings, and to build relationships with one another based on mutual respect, acceptance, and appreciation.
Our theme for Academy stage this year is: BODY. FREE ENTRANCE.

12.00 Being Nature (workshop) | Esot Daba (darbnīca)
15.00 Attiecības ar manu ķermeni (darbnīca) | Relationships with my body (workshop)
17.00 Sieviešu stendaps. Miesassardzes | Women’s Standup. Bodyguards
19.00 Samba de Riga
20.30 N. Volkova


MUSIC EVENT: Sunday Funday @KKC, 4:20 PM – 7:20 PM, Riga

Sunday Funday tradition lives on! Kaņepes Kultūras centrs reminds that due to the state regulations, we need to keep disdancing, there is limited amount of seats on the terrace, come in pairs and fly early. Entrance for free from 16.20

MUSIC EVENT: Seventh day [plesir]: Elvi Soulsystems plus plus plus @KOYA, 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM, Riga

[PLESIR] in KOYA means the whole spectrum of summer and terrace pleasures on Sundays all day long – brunch and breakfast, barbecue goodies, day-saving cocktails and day DJs, which are slightly different from the night and club atmosphere – they are more relaxed and sometimes more adventurous. “We are sophisticated and hooligans at the same time – this is the new KOYA. The same wonderful premises and place on the banks of Daugava River, but a completely different attitude: openness, courage and human love. And on Sundays, we want to share it in full blood and all day. ”

Kitchen plan: from 12 – 16 – special brunch-set for all tastes; from 16 to 22 – a la carte & grill menu. At the bar until the end – drinks with the potential to save the day.

What do you think?