MUSIC EVENT: Heineken 0.0 Live: Garbanotas, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Vilnius

Garbanotas music delights people wherever they can be reached – from farms in Lithuania to Latvian forests, from Estonian business districts to The Beatles’ birthplace, traveling through the Balkan mountains and conquering the Viking lands. Each show is like a miracle of the growth of dreamy neo-kraut-psychedelic flowers from amplifiers. Although it is the last day of summer, but for the first time this summer – Garbanotas will symbolically close another wonderful summer in the LOFTAS yard. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: Mafitikliush by shishi, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Vilnius

sky is blue
roses are different colours
sky will soon be grey
let’s go say byebye to the summer!

Come to the yard, enjoy the summer a little more with shishi! Tickets: 6 € | 8pm – Louder Than Mice | 21:00 – shishi

Louder Than Mice is an instrumental duo from Kaunas that has been operating since 2014. Currently the band is focusing on Americana-derived jazz (allegedly) popularized by Bill Frisell, mixing it with post-hardcore and African and Latin rhythms. “These guys can sure roll.” – I. Stravinsky


MUSIC EVENT: Monika Liu | Kaunas, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Kaunas

After spending nine years living abroad, Monika Liu, who returned to Lithuania at the end of last year, opened a new career page surprising the audience with a sound reminiscent of the Lithuanian stage. In concert Monika Liu will present her latest vinyl record “Melodija” to the fans. All the songs on it are in Lithuanian. The performer has previously mentioned that it is very important and meaningful for her to create music in her native language, to be able to convey her thoughts and feelings with it. The hallmarks of the new album are nostalgic melodies and witty lyrics. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Linas Adomaitis. Gyvo garso koncertas / Live Concert, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Kaunas

The final concert of the project ‘Evenings of Pažaislis Liepų Alėja’ organized by the performer, violinist, composer, arranger, music producer, sound directing teacher and professional in his field – Linas Adomaitis. In the live concert, the performer will perform with a rhythm group: Mindaugas Balčiūnas – keyboards, Paulius Volkovas – guitar, Paulius Vaicekauskas – bass guitar, Vaidas Kasparavičius – percussion, Akmėja Brūzgė and Vaiva Venslovienė – supporting vocals. Come see all of them live! TICKETS

CLASSICAL MUSIC EVENT: Klaipeda: a poem about love and the sea | Klaipėda: poema apie meilę ir jūrą, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, Klaipeda

On September 2nd the Klaipeda State Musical Theater will open the new season with a concert “Poem about love and the sea” in Klaipeda Concert Hall. Asta Krikščiūnaitė (soprano), accordionist Tadas Motiečius and the Klaipėda State Musical Theater Orchestra will perform, conducted by chief conductor Tomas Ambrozaitis. TICKETS


FILM EVENT: Mondo Bizarro Film Fest 2020 | Kaunas, Kaunas

Mondo Bizarro is cinematic event dedicated to cult, horror and fantasy cinema which is giving a space to the ridiculous, the provocative, the thoughtful and the forgotten. Inspired by cult cinema principles emerging out of underground fan cultures, event will invite viewers to read between the lines – holding aloft unappreciated or unusual art, and pushing at the boundaries of “acceptable” culture and will encourage not to ‘forgive’ a film’s faults, but start to love them. This time we will explore American drive-in cinema culture, This time we will focus on American drive-in cinema culture, the cinematic phenomenons of African regions, and will deep dive into controversial polish director’s Walerian Borowczyk’s art life. The event will be based on double feature principles, so every day we will screen two films that will complement each other.

Mondo Bizarro will visit Kaunas Artists’ House for three evenings and will present four films from the main programme. Films will be screened in original languages with English subtitles. 

In order to make our event as accessible as possible, you can choose what you pay based on your circumstances (from 0 to 12 eur). Tickets are valid for double-feature screening. Pay at door or get TICKETS HERE.


MUSIC FESTIVAL: Kaunas Jazz 2020 Festival, September 2 – 12, various cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Palanga, Joniškis

30th Anniversary of international jazz festival – Kaunas Jazz 2020, dedicated to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Lithuania. PROGRAM

Having been born with the independence of Lithuania, having survived various blockades, financial and other hardships, having been numerously dedicated to the most significant anniversaries of the Lithuanian statehood, enjoying membership of the Europe Jazz Network, the biggest Jazz Festival in Lithuania International Jazz Festival Kaunas Jazz has firmly established itself and has been continuous strengthening its prominent place in the musical life of Lithuania and Europe and believes that music contributes to social and emotional development and to economic prosperity. TICKETS

Taking into account the current situation in Lithuania, we aim to create the safest possible environment for festival visitors. According to the latest conditions for organizing events, we are obliged to ensure the registration of visitors electronically. So we invite everyone to register to attend the Till Bronner & Band and Salvador Sobral concerts: REGISTER


MUSIC EVENT: Donatas Montvydas | Pakrante LIVE, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Kaunas

Let’s salute the summer and trust that September is still hot! One of the most famous Lithuanian performers – Donatas Montvydas will perform the only concert in KAUNAS! “We are very happy to return to Kaunas again. Here, in Kaunas PAKARANTĖ we will recharge our energy and start a new season. I promise it will not only be hot, but you will also hear unheard tracks from my upcoming album!” – says Donatas. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Daddy Was A Milkman – Vilnius, 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Vilnius

The performer of the hit “Breathe In” invites fans to the “Summer Terrace” in the capital! The exclusive Daddy Was A Milkman concert in Vilnius will feature not only well-known hits, but also new songs. Come jam to the old classics and be the first to here new hits!

“For me the Summer Terrace is an absolutely wonderful and nostalgic place. We presented our debut album here – to this day I remember that evening and the enormous excitement,” says Ignas Pociūnas, the leader of Daddy Was A Milkman. “It’s just good to be here, to spend evenings, listen to concerts. I often come to listen to colleagues and in the first week of autumn it will be a lot of fun to come back here and play again.” TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Ojibo Afrobeat, 7:00 PM – Midnight, Vilnius

“Ojibo Afrobeat” – a band formed by saxophonist Karolis Levarauskas (Baltasis Kiras, Jama & W, Bekešas Vilkai), drummer Gediminas Stankevičius (Room 8, Jurga Šeduikytė, Meandi, The Schwings) and guitarist Arūnas “W” Blažis (Jama & W) afrobeat / afrojazz style music. “Ojibo” in Nigeria, where this genre was born, means a white man, so the name of the band was not chosen by chance. Although the Ojibo Afrobeat concerts are quite rare, they are always accompanied by many fun people and good emotions, come see for yourself! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Souled Out | Tamsta, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Vilnius

Eternal summer, sun, ocean and the most invigorating funk music with Caribbean spice or maybe a wild cocktail party by the ocean under palm trees? This is exactly the feeling that music project ‘Souled Out’ creates! Selected hits of dance, Soul, R’n’b and Funk music are performed by one of the best Lithuanian musicians and soul vocalist from Berlin – Federic Nnaji. The repertoire is very wide – from Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’, released in the 1980s, and Disco era hits to the present day hits, but the main focus is on the feeling and energy of the 90s era funk and r’n’b dance music. The program is specially tailored to make everyone feel the vibe of the New York and Los Angeles coasts. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: XXVI Klaipėda Castle jazz festival, Klaipeda

The international event, which has been held since 1994, is characterized by stylistic diversity, bringing together the most outstanding jazz musicians from all over the world, famous for its exceptional audience and special energy. Klaipėda Castle was chosen as a symbol of the festival in order to make the then very active reconstruction work of the castle, to make it one of the brightest accents of the city’s cultural heritage, with the hope that the time will come when the restored castle will become one of the main festival events. This year, the festival’s main concerts are approaching their own symbolic origins. PROGRAM:

Taking into account the current situation in Lithuania, we aim to create the safest possible environment for festival visitors. According to the latest conditions for organizing events, we are obliged to ensure the registration of visitors electronically. Therefore, we invite you to register and participate in the XXVI Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, September 3-5: REGISTER HERE


MUSIC EVENT: Festivalis Jauna Muzika | 2020, Vilnius

Jauna Muzika Festival presents artists working with sound and music as a form of experimental art. It is one of the oldest and most changed music festivals in Lithuania, founded in 1992. As the concept of music changed, maintaining its relevance so did the festival itself, its directions, and sometimes its names.

Jauna Muzika 2020 festival’s special edition, entitled “Collectibles#1,” presents a collection of newly commissioned works by mostly Lithuanian composers and older music within the genres of new music, sound art, performance, video art, electro-acoustic and electronic music. The festival will take place at the Arts Printing House on September 3‒6, 2020. TICKETS & PROGRAM


MUSIC EVENT: Jovani / Jessica Shy / Niko Barisas / Senjasa / Rokas, 7:00 PM – Midnight, Vilnius

OpenPlay Music presents the first joint event of the most talented Lithuanian young performers and invites everyone to celebrate the end of summer and meet the new school year with the best Lithuanian music. The record company OpenPlay has released as many as 30 tracks and 10 video clips in one year of its work. The team’s producers brought the most talented young performers Jessica Shy, Niko Barisas, senjasa and Rokas to the skies of Lithuanian music. You can hear them all live at the largest OpenPlay event on the Summer Terrace. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Voiceless concert | Raketa, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Klaipeda

Because so many of you gathered for our last concert in Klaipeda, because we feel the best in our home, because Klaipeda fans are the most loyal, we decided to organize another concert for all of us! The concert postponed TWICE will take place! On September 4, we invite everyone to the Rocket. Seats are limited. TICKETS

Voiceless consists of real professionals in their fields. The three men, who play rock classics, modern pop culture music arrangements and their creative music, leave no one indifferent after a single performance. The group plays two cellos and drums. Yes, it’s a pretty unusual line-up of musicians, but it’s also fascinating, and the band’s fans get up from their chairs in concerts after the first song and don’t sit down anymore that evening.

MUSIC EVENT: Jazz Duets, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Trakai

You are invited to another great jazz concert on the already popular Tuja Avenue. On September 4 come see Jolanta Grinevič-Tankeliun – a vocalist, composer and music teacher & Justė Kazakevičiūtė – a jazz and popular music performer, pianist. FREE ADMISSION.

MUSIC EVENT: Ten Walls | Lights For The Dreams, 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM, Vilnius

Electronic music creator and producer Marijus Adomaitis, better known as Ten Walls, is putting together a map for a new world tour – “Lights For The Dreams”. Continuing the tradition of seeing a dance music venue in Lithuania once a year, he announces the only performance in Vilnius this year – on September 4 at the LOFTAS art factory. TICKETS

According to the newly adopted laws of the Republic of Lithuania, from September 1. pre-registration of event participants is mandatory. REGISTER


MUSIC EVENT: Kaunas Jazz 2020 in Unity Square | Kaunas Jazz 2020 Vienybės Aikštėje, 6:00 PM – Midnight, Kaunas

The official opening of the renewed Vienybės Aikštėje (Unity Square) will take place during the festival “Kaunas Jazz” – September 4, when the swing queens “The Ditties” and Petras Vyšniauskas with the Kaunas Big Band will give concerts to the citizens and guests of Kaunas.

On the evening of September 5 the square will again be filled with music – one of the most prominent Estonian jazz vocalists, Sofia Rubina and the festival audience’s favorite “Saulės kliošas” will perform. See you there! FULL KAUNAS JAZZ 2020 FESTIVAL PROGRAM


OPERA EVENT: G. Puccini opera „Turandot“, 6:30 PM – 9:15 PM, Vilnius

TURANDOT is a fairy tale full of metaphors and allegories about the brutal princess Turandot, an epic symbolic drama, an exclusive opera of G. Puccini’s works. This time on the LNOBT stage! Come experience it yourself! TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: MAMA vasara 2020, 4:00 PM – 11:59 PM, Raudondvaris, Kaunas region

An insane line-up to end the summer with! Come see all of Lithuania’s biggest stars, from Justinas Jarutis & Jazzu, to Kabloonak & Sisters On A Wire! You don’t want to miss this event of the year! TICKETS

KAUNAS JAZZ EVENT: Kaunas Jazz 2020 Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė collective, 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM, Kaunas

Two years ago, Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė and her band opened the Kaunas Jazz Festival – a symbolic welcome concert that took place at Kaunas bus station. This year, she has been entrusted to sing in a night concert on April 24 – in the cozy club “Sandėlis” located in the Old Town of Kaunas! The friendship between the festival and Catherine (she has appeared at several of festival’s events in recent years) should come as no surprise – this young ambitious singer definitely has a talent worth watching and following. A talent that, by the way, reveals itself in more than one genre of music, although Kotryna calls jazz her greatest love. “I don’t think one genre needs to give up another. I know one thing – music is my life. I don’t have any back-up plan – the whole family knows that music is the only way for me,” says the singer. This year, the girl bursting with energy and ambition will appear to Kaunas Jazz listeners together with her international group of musicians. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Donatas Montvydas | Vasaros Terasa, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Vilnius

Continuing the beautiful tradition, one of the most famous Lithuanian performers – Donatas Montvydas will hold his only concert in his hometown VILNIUS! “We are very happy with the band to perform in our hometown, we feel special here, so the concerts are exceptional. I promise ON THE SUMMER TERRACE will not only be hot, but you will also hear unheard tracks from my upcoming latest album!” So get ready and come enjoy a concert you won’t forget! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Vivaldi in Rock, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Vilnius

Baroque and rock are two styles of music that have been around for a long time, but they go well together as well. St. The Christopher Chamber Orchestra, together with guitar virtuoso Tomas Varnagiris, presents the program “Vivaldi in Rock” where Antonio Vivaldi’s legendary “Seasons” will be performed in rock style. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: Samogitia – Cucina Povera, Vladimir Ivkovic, Manfredas, Brokenchord, Pijus Džiugas Meižis, 3:00 PM – Midnight, Palanga

Samogitia is a territory. A physical, an ethnographic, a geographic one, but also for us, a nonetheless important mental and emotional space. Something that ties and is hosted by many dear experiences and feelings from the place.

This is a friendly invitation to explore samogitian dimensions with the help of music, enviroment and times in between. A gathering of intimate capacity and two unique locations of Palanga – Rotonda in Birutės Park & the rooftop of “Vila Komoda” hotel. On the first weekend of September, Satrday & Sunday with live performances by Cucina Povera, Brokenchord & Pijus Džiugas Meižis. Supported by Vladimir Ivkovic & Manfredas. One ticket for both days/venues. TICKETS


MUSIC EVENT: International vinyl fest Vilnius 2020, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Vilnius

An annual celebration for music lovers Vilnius International Vinyl Fest 2020 On Sunday, September 6, we invite everyone who is not indifferent to the authentic sound of vinyl records to the terrace of the Lithuanian Theater, Music and Film Museum. Here you will be able to meet like-minded people, collectors and vinyl record dealers. Recently released vinyl records by Lithuanian performers will be presented, and lots more!

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