Until September 10

ART EVENT: Homo Novus: Svidanka, 1:00 PM – 7:30 PM, Riga

A meeting place ‘Svidanka’ invites you to meet ten young men from different parts of Latvia. Born and raised in different environments, now they spend their lives together (but separately) in Cēsis Educational Institution for Minors. For several months authors of this project have held a series of video calls with them – Mārtiņš, Cigans, Semanuels, Rafaels, Roberts, Kaspars and Puškins. Currently they share the same physical space, yet have their own coming of age story and unanswered questions about time inside, time outside, time before and after the sentence. Their stories can be witnessed in “Svidanka” – a place that cal dismantle an invisible wall and build a bridge between two strangers – one from inside, another one from outside.

Until September 13

ART EVENT: The 2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art / RIBOCA2, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Riga

In light of current situation, RIBOCA2 will now transform into a feature movie and the exhibition will become its film set. RIBOCA2: and suddenly it all blossoms grew out of the urge to change our way of inhabiting the world through reaching out to other voices, sensibilities, and ways of making relationships. As an alternative to the deluge of hopeless narratives, the notion of re-enchantment became a frame for building desirable presents and futures, where the end of “a” world does not mean “the end of the world”. Come and explore the exhibition and witness the process of the film being shot. TICKETS


ART EVENT: EXHIBITIONS. Outstanding Modernists / Van Gogh / Gustav Klimt, 12 PM, Riga

Last summer, you witnessed the opening of a unique multimedia exhibition of animated paintings by the Great Modernists “From Monet to Kandinsky” in Dome Square in Riga. Due to the huge success, the pop-up exposition was prolonged 4 times, and as a result, it found a permanent location in Riga –a building, located at the intersection of  Skolas and Elizabetes streets  – known as the former Essential club or earlier –  Pionieris cinema. In the new multimedia art center created by Digital Art House, there are now three expositions of animated paintings available for viewing:
 “Van Gogh” – Experience for Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork admirers.
“Gustav Klimt” –  Our recommendation for those, who loved The Great Modernists, and now want to dive deeper into Klimt’s  artwork.
“The Great Modernists: From Monet To Kandinsky” – for those who missed the exhibition on Dome Square, those who want to see it again or to recommend it to friends – because it’s a must see! TICKETS

August 30 – 31

DANCE EVENT: TIME TO DANCE 2020 // Contemporary Dance Performance “Otrā Pusē” (“On the Other Side”), 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM, Riga

The show tells the story of people trapped in time and space, of the borders that are being built to control the flow of people in the world and to isolate our needs from those who are forced to flee their homeland, place and affiliation for various political and social reasons. People who have lost their past and have no vision for the future. There is only hope to get to the other side. For the set designer Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs, the performance “On the Other Side” is his master’s thesis in scenography at the Latvian Academy of Arts. TICKETS

Until September 24

ART EVENT: Group Exhibition VICE VERSA at PILOT, 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Riga

On August 21 a new art space Pilot opened! This art spaced is intorduced and opened with an international group exhibition “VICE VERSA”. The definition of vice versa is based on reversed relations between two or more things, concepts and ideas, people and experiences. At the same time, this thought also regards to finding different points of view (both in humane relations and art) and highlights the need to mutually open cooperation. If you want to see the new art space and enjoy a very special exhibition, stop by before September 24th!

September 2 – 5

SOCIAL EVENT: Conversation Festival LAMPA

This year, you will be able ot experience the conversation festival LAMPA, as usual, free of charge from September 2 to 5, digitally and in person. It will be possible to watch all the events of the festival live in any place convenient for you in Latvia and elsewhere in the world or in places of viewing together. But many events will be available for attendance! They will mostly take place in several studios in Cēsis, Rīga and Rēzekne. FULL PROGRAM & INFO

September 2

MUSIC EVENT: Oranžās Brīvdienas | Indygo. Open-Air Concert in Spīķeri, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Riga

You are invited to the most powerful and at the same time closing final concert in Spīķeri. The groups Indygo and Oranžās Brīvdienas (Orange Holidays) will be on stage! Come enjoy the last concert in Spīķeri!

September 3

MUSIC EVENT: Musiqq concert on the Domina Shopping mall roof, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Riga

Come ring in the school year with MUSIQQ!! At the concert, the audience will be delighted by the band’s brightest hits of the decade – both new and unheard melodies from the recently released album “10”, as well as well-known and popular compositions from the group’s beginnings. The band’s musicians promise to play the band’s new single, which is not yet known to the public, which will be released soon. TICKETS

September 4 – 6

FESTIVAL/SOCIAL EVENT: Beer Festival on Fresh Terrace – SeptemberFEST, Rezekne

SEPTEMBERFEST – the biggest beer festival in Latgale in cooperation with Rezekne brewery “Bryuvers”. Farewell to the summer season and long evenings in the apple orchard, you are invited to the beer festival SEPTEMBERFEST, where according to the best Latgalian traditions you drink for three days from September 4 to 6! Come indulge in beer sports, party hard & sing like noone’s watching! See you in Latgale and let’s celebrate life!

September 4

MUSIC EVENT: Singapūras Satīns, 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Riga

BACK TO SCHOOL / UNI / WORK WHATEVER! The first Friday of September will be the BEST Friday, because it will be together with Singapore Satin’s NEW HITS (Bling, Bambelo) and also OLD HITS – there will be all the hits. Come with the gang to celebrate this summer and to greet the autumn season with open arms. TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Liepajas bigband & Young Lions Beat Band concert, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Liepaja

Liepāja Big Band and Young Lions Beat Band are one of the most talented school ensembles of PIKC Liepāja Music, Art and Design High School, whose artistic director is multi-instrumentalist, composer, founder of Riga Room Records, contemporary improvisation and jazz music teacher Deniss Paškevičs. The concert will be performed by a guest artist from Italy – jazz trombonist, composer and arranger Beppe Di Benedetto, together with Liepaja Big Band and Young Lions Beat Band. Come and feed your soul with music!

MUSIC EVENT: Concert // Stanislav Yudin & Asnate Rancane, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM, Cesis

Stanislavs Judins seeks inspiration in ethnic, folk music, Asnate Rancāne – improvisation. The duo “Stanislav Yudin & Asnate Rancane” originated from the idea of ​​combining different musical experiences. The overall sound is created by combining Stanislav’s improvisations and compositions with Asnate’s knowledge of ethnic music and folklore. TICKETS

ART EVENT: Inga Insberga. Personal Exhibition “Wonderworld” Opening, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Ventspils

The exhibition will feature paintings made during the last three years. The works play on the culture of the Internet, ironically looking at popular trends, the cult of artificial beauty and self-cultivation found in the social media environment. Come and see!

MUSIC EVENT: Jānis Čakste Square Cultural Program together with ASTRO’N’OUT, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Liepaja

Liepāja Culture Board invites you to a free open-air concert, which will take place in Jānis Čakste Square on September 4th. Get ready, cause the band Astro’n’out is performing! The concert will feature all the best “Astro’n’out” hits and more!

September 5 – 7, 9 – 13 & 17

FILM EVENT: BANKSY and the Rise of Outlaw Art, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM, Riga

This documentary tells the story of the most famous, but at the same time the most mysterious street artist in the world. He is England’s most dangerous criminal, who has managed to create a new art direction while carefully concealing his true identity. His drawings are known to everyone, his political messages and provocative art have offended the ruling circles and become an important part of the revolutionary movement. And so far no one knows what is hidden under his name, and no one has ever seen his face. TICKETS

September 5

MUSIC EVENT: Guitar Masterclass Matīss Klaviniuss, 11:00 AM, Liepaja

Let’s start the autumn season with a great master class! This time with the promising hard rock / metal music guitarist Matiss Klaviniuss. Matiss has been involved in music for about 16 years. “During this master class I will tell about my experience both playing in different compositions and what to do during the recordings. A journey from guitarist to record engineer and everything in between. In the end, let’s try to record this too! ” – what the artist himself says.

THEATRE EVENT: National Theatre Day at Kalnciems Quarter Market, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Riga

The National Theater Day in the market of Kalnciems quarter is a tradition that must not be broken. Also at the beginning of this autumn, you are invited to an actors’ concert, a workshop for children, and, of course, to take part in competitions to receive valuable theatrical prizes! See you there!

ART EVENT: Audiovisual installation Matērija. Laiks (“Matter. Time”) White Nights 2020, 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Riga

Posted by Dabas raksti on Trešdiena, 2020. gada 26. augusts

The audio-visual installation ‘Matter. Time’ is a pursuit of primeval sound and image in academic and electronic music, and video art. Each composition expresses a concentrated narrative that will be discovered and revealed to the listeners by video artists, composers and performers of academic and electronic music. ‘Matter. Time’ is a sequel in the project series ‘Intermediate State’ (2016-2018) and ‘Matter. Ritual’ (2019).Once we leave behind the intermediate state or are ‘reborn’, we enter an environment made of matter or objective reality. Time flows differently after a ritual. It is slower, more spacious, more transparent and easier to clasp. The presence of time is felt and tangible.

ART/MUSIC EVENT: “Skaņu mežs” Baltajā naktī / “Sound Forest” White Nights, 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Riga

“Skaņu mežs” // “Sound Forest” has always decided to create its “White Night” concert evening as a mini-festival, with as many different musical expressions as possible, which embodies the main task of the festival: depicting contemporary music innovations and experiments. Come experience it! MORE INFO

September 6

ART/MOVIE EVENT: Pētera Vaska Festival / Movie “Pravietojums” (“Prophecy”), 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM, Cesis

“Creation is an incredible journey that can open the door to a new universe,” said the outstanding Scottish artist Peter Hauson. In his works, he uses the classic techniques of Goya, da Vinci, Bregel and El Greco, drawing inspiration from unrest, religious beliefs and mythology. Creation of the nuanced large-scale painting Prophecy, the first exhibition and becoming the property of a private collector. The film allows you to see through the artist’s eyes, bringing Hauson’s dark sense of humor and painting into the apocalyptic world of painting. Ingenious filming techniques and the hypnotic work of the cameraman make the invisible visible, revealing how the images that are born in the artist’s mind are transferred to the canvas. The music plays an extremely important role in the film, which the painter listens to while distancing himself from the street noise. These are compositions by the Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks rich in diverse dramatic moods. TICKETS

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