MUSIC EVENT: Eplik, Pehk and Kasar @Patarei Merekindlus, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Tallinn

A cozy courtyard party in the company of Eplik, Pehki and Kasari. Men who do not need introduction: Vaiko Eplik, Jaan Pehk and Jarek Kasar. Save the date! TICKETS

ART EVENT: Nordic Escapes at Tallinn Music Week: Lounge by Kristjan Järvi, 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Tallinn

Nordic Escapes Lounge is a concept and design created by Kristja Jarvi as a High Fidelity Audio Visual multi sensory Experience, “that takes you into another dimension. ..” once you enter the realm of Nordic Escapes you will be welcomed by our gracious hosts who will offer you a Nordic Escapes welcome potion and a menu of provisions for your escape… As soon as you are ready, you will enter a vibrational chamber of this ‘NEscapes lounge’. Lit with sparkles of Northern Lights and lined stone fences, you will set yourself down in the comfort of a warm ambient glow surrounded by sound and vibration. Get ready to get transported. Here you will explore the realm that exists between the seen and unseen, a dimension within… TICKETS

AUGUST 26 – 27

FILM EVENT: Balti filmipäevad / Baltic Film Days, Tallinn

Baltic Film Days will take place for the fourth time so mark August 26th and 27th on your calendars! On Wednesday you can watch Latvian, on Thursday Lithuanian films. See you at the Estonian Film Institute!

WEDNESDAY, August 26:

19:00 / Jacob, Mimi and the Talking Dogs (dir. Edmuns Jansons)

21:00 / Oleg (dir. Juris Kursietis)

THURSDAY, August 27

19:00 / Nova Lituania (dir. Karolis Kaupinis) / Q&A with the director!

21:00 / Sasha Was Here (dir. Ernestas Jankauskas)

AUGUST 26 – 27

MUSIC FESTIVAL: Station Narva 2020, Narva

The music and city culture festival Station Narva is returning for its third consecutive year to the easternmost Estonian city Narva on 26 and 27 August, with music, business networking, sightseeing and new discoveries across the urban space. 

The festival starts on the morning of August 26 with the Business Day in the creative incubator OBJEKT at Linda 2 centre. In the afternoon, BAZAR discussions will take place on the riverbank, followed by the main music programme. Already familiar from the past festivals are the cosy and bohemian Art Club Ro-Ro and the boathouse in the premises of the historic cotton factory. Guests are also welcome to take fun rides on yachts and small boats to Narva City Port and Port Narva-Jõesuu.

Headliners for Station Narva are Tommy Cash and NOËP. The main stage will also see performances by the Finnish urban and indie scene favourite Jesse Markin, a four-time winner at this year’s Estonian Music Awards Anna Kaneelina, and the Estonian funk squad Lexsoul Dancemachine, fresh off the release of their third full length “Lexplosion II”.  TICKETS


Tommy Cash

AUGUST 27 – 29

MUSIC FESTIVAL: Tallinn Music Week 2020Tallinn

Held in Tallinn, Estonia since 2009, Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will fill Estonia’s capital with tomorrow’s music, arts and ideas again in August 2020. An international line-up of artists will unfold across the best venues in Northern Tallinn. In addition to the music festival, the TMW 2020 programme includes a two-day conference at the Estonian Academy of Arts, public talks, music-themed workshops for children, day trips, and city stage concerts. FESTIVAL PASSES

Main dates:
Music festival: 27-29 August
Creative Impact Conference: 28-29 August. ALL EVENTS

AUGUST 27 – 30


As part of TMW, the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC), will host a gallery evening called Tallinn Thursday with a special programme and extended opening hours.

The TMW 2020 art programme is particularly extensive and versatile. In addition to the traditional city-wide Tallinn Thursday gallery tour curated by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECDAC), you can enjoy light installations by the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts and the unique immersive sculpture at the Port Noblessner area. Telliskivi Creative City hosts an outdoor exhibition as well as several excellent photo exhibitions at Fotografiska in Tallinn. SEE THE FULL ART PROGRAMME

Photo by Stanislav Stepashko


SOCIAL EVENT: Tallinn Food Truck Festival 2020, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Tallinn

Tallinn Food Truck Festival 2020 – the most mouth-watering feeling festival of this summer, a real festival of food on wheels and a great mood, which will be held on the 28th of August on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. There will also be a DJ, a kids zone and more! FREE ENTRANCE!

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: GROM, 6:30 PM – 3:00 AM, Tallinn

Brand new inner city festival GROM gives first taste of their vision through TMW 2020 showcase. Focus is on loud, tasteful, noisy, aggressive, sad, heavy, contemporary and weird. It’s an experience that keeps the music alive within. TICKETS

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: TIKS Rekords Stage, 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM, Tallinn

TIKS Rekords is an Estonian record label without musical boundries but still with its own favourites genre-wise. You’ll hear a lot of new and beautiful Estonian-made rnb, soul and eletronic music with a twist. TICKETS


19:30 jonas.f.k. (EE)
20:10 EiK (EE)
21:10 de LULU (EE)
22:10 ANETT (EE)
23:10 YASMYN(EE)
00:10 Sander Molder(EE)

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TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Folktronica Stage, 7:30 PM – 1:00 AM, Tallinn

Folktronica Stage is curated by Estonian audiovisual band OOPUS that combines light installations and visuals, modern electronic sounds and rhythm with traditional instruments and dance music. The line up also includes one of the foremost pioneers of jouhikko (Finnish bowed lyre) Ilkka Heinonen, groovy and eclectic selector Ken Kuusk, ambient-electronic multi-talent Mick Pedaja with his organic, floating and cosmic sound combined with chill rhythms and composer-guitarist Argo Vals, who draws inspiration from real life, tightly connected to imaginary world. Doors: 19:30. TICKETS


20:00 Ken Kuusk (EE)

21:00 Mick Pedaja (EE)

22:00 Ilkka Heinonen (FI)

23:00 OOPUS (EE)

00:00 Argo Vals (EE)

Posted by OOPUS on Otrdiena, 2020. gada 28. jūlijs

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Made In Baltics & Sony Music Night, 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Tallinn

The showcase presents two colourful artists from Finland: latest Nordic export Tomi Saario and Louie Blue, whose music is a versatile medley of genres dancing around electric RnB. Line up includes Chris Noah, who is one of the most celebrated new artists from Latvia and one of the most exciting Estonian upcoming pop artists Ariadne. Gram-Of-Fun brings along groovy basslines, scratches, funky rhythms and melodies, while Trad.Attack! will make you smile, dance, mosh and yearn. Doors: 18:00. TICKETS


19:00 Tomi Saario (FI)

19:50 Ariadne (EE)

20:40 Chris Noah (LV)

21:30 Gram-Of-Fun (EE)

22:20 Trad.Attack (EE)

23:20 Louie Blue (FI)


TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Sõru Saund Festival Night, 10:00 PM – 2:30 AM, Tallinn

Held in Tallinn, Estonia since 2009, Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will fill Estonia’s capital with tomorrow’s music, arts and ideas again in August 2020. An international line-up of artists will unfold across the best venues in Northern Tallinn. Come vibe and enjoy artists of Sõru Saund! TICKETS


22:30 Valentina Goncharova
23:10 Jasperino (EE)
23:40 Mart Avi (EE)
00:20 Tont
01:00 Neuronphase (EE)
01:40 Florian Wahl 

Mart Avi

AUGUST 28 – 29

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: Tallinn Music Week 2020: Creative Impact Conference, Tallinn

Tallinn Music Week 2020 Creative Impact Conference will bring together thinkers and doers from different areas to explore how to build a Music Industry 2.0 and more sustainable future on the foundations of the present. TMW 2020 Conference focuses on the transformative power of culture and creative industries, following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as outlined by the United Nations General Assembly. Take a look at the CONFIRMED SPEAKERS. And make sure to get your TICKETS.

AUGUST 28 – 30

FESTIVAL EVENT: Aparaaditehase festival 2020, Tartu

Factory tours, workshops, Aparaaditehas annual art exhibition, flea market, sports, music & food! Aparaaditehas festival will showcase the best Aparaaditehas has to offer!

Festival in Aparaaditehas (The Widget Factory) in Tartu unites the best parts of the cultural factory. The open day offers the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the kitchen side of the factor and be a part of a concert and nightclub programme on two evenings; additionally, Müürilille flea market will take place, and lots more. FREE ENTRANCE!


FESTIVAL EVENT: Koplifest, 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Tallinn

KOPLIFEST is coming again! A nice cultural program, good food and, of course, new knowledge of Kopli throughout the day. The main venue of the festival is the Nordic Factory (Marati 5), where a music program, workshops and a group exhibition of eight Estonian artists of different generations “Ida ots (as)?” await guests. MORE INFO

MUSIC EVENT: Bianca no. 18, 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM, Tallinn

The last SUMMER JAM of this summer is coming! All your favorites on a large outdoor terrace with 2 stages! Come celebrate the end of summer the right way! TICKETS

MUSIC EVENT: Wateva / Club Hollywood / 29.08, 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM, Tallinn

It’s the last weekend before the summer end! The ideal place to have your summer party happily is …. HOLLIKAS! Come party like there is no tomorrow with some of the best – WATEVA, ANDY CANE & SIIMI!

ENTRANCE: 7€ FB GOING UNTIL 01:00 (List closes at 22:00) | 10€ REGULAR | 15€ VIP

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Jazz Stage, 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Tallinn

Fotografiska will host a snapshot of the most exciting and fresh jazz musicians in Estonia right now, with lineups of all shapes and sizes: the jazz folk and pop combination of Pillikud, 2020 winner of the Young Jazz Talent Award, free jazz trio The Meat, Kirke Karja’s new collaboration with colleagues from the Nordics, the trio Titoks with their modern take on gypsy jazz, a solo concert by Joel Remmel and the Quintet of Mingo Rajandi, who will release her debut album in August. Doors: 18:00. TICKETS

19:30 Pillikud (EE)
20:30 Titoks (EE)
21:30 Joel Remmel (soolo) (EE)
22:30 Mingo Rajandi Kvintett (EE)
23:30 The Meat (EE)

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MUSIC EVENT: Synne Valtri Band, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Kuressaare

Come see the Estonian pop ensemble SYNNE VALTRI BAND! Nice music and people guaranteed!

Ticket: 19 EUR. Tickets can be purchased at the Mill on site.

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Heaven’s Trumpet, 6:30 PM – 2:00 AM, Tallinn

Heaven’s Trumpet record label brings a selection of eclectic soundscapes to Sveta Baar. These artists are conjoined by an unwillingness to box themselves in genre-boundaries and display creative restlessness in the best sense: the evening spans from psychedelia-tinged folktronica and studies in silence to musical rites, from electronic vibrations to dadaist pop seeking the boundaries of spoken word. TICKETS


17:15 Wondering o (EE)
18:00 Roland Karlson (EE) 

Inside | Doors: 18:30

19:00 Macajey (EE)
19:45 CULLE (EE)
20:30 Fremen (EE)
21:15 Eesti Elektroonilise Muusika Seltsi Ansambel (EE)
22:00 Kreatiivmootor (EE)
22:45 Bellchild (DE)
23:30 eww (LT)
00:15 mys (fake djjj) (EE)

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: Metal Stage, 6:30 PM – 1:00 AM, Tallinn

Hardcore, death, thrash, doom, even ambient: there are plenty of subgenres and variations in the approaches of these artists, who nonetheless add up to an evening of relentless onslaught of fierce music at Von Krahl. Acts from the Baltics, Finland, Denmark and Switzerland. Doors: 18:30. TICKETS


19:00 Surgent (EE) 
19:45 Preternatural (LV) 
20:30 Intrepid (EE)
21:15 Jadira (EE)
22:00 Crypts Of Despair (LT)
22:45 Erdve (LT)
23:30 Estoner (EE)
00:15 Galvanizer (FI)

Erdve (LT)

AUGUST 29 – 30

TALLINN MUSIC WEEK EVENT: TMW 2020: HALL x Wilde Renate, Tallinn

A tale of two clubs, TMW 2020 brings you the collaboration of Tallinn’s premier techno fort HALL and Berlin’s very own Wilde Renate. Featuring a numerous cast including resident DJs from both establishments, the beats will boom well into daylight. TICKETS


22:00 Micaela Saraceno
00:00 Compound Minerals
01:00 S Ruston
03:00 Sebastian Voigt 
06:00 Katja Adrikova
08:00 Artur Lääts 


00:00 Kaspar Kivilo
02:00 Priit Kuusik
04:00 Tanel Mütt 
07:00 Eisi
09:00 Kenn-Eerik Kannike

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