Estonian indie pop band “Kali Briis” tells a story – how you don`t understand anything

Estonian indie pop band`s “Kali Briis Band” music is not only vivid, but also very soulful. On 12th and 14th May they presented their new album “Let`s Play Love” in Riga. We had a little chat with “Kali Briis Band” before their gig at “Bar I Love You”.

It is your second concert in Riga. How do you like it here?

Alan: We really like Riga, it`s a beautiful town. We also walked the streets. It was really fun. We don`t have a bad word for this place, so we are really pleased that we have a chance to perform here.

Is the audience any different than in Estonia?

Alan: I don`t think so, because we`re performing in venues that “our kind of people” visit, so it doesn`t matter how far you are. It`s certain type of people.

Obviously this is all about your new album “Let`s play love”. What is it about?

Alan: It`s about love. What I mean is that in the beginning when you are a teenager, you think that everything is like in the movies and you start to realize that you have to do some work for it. It tells a story – how you are naive and how you don`t understand anything, how you reach nirvana when everything`s great. It`s not just an album where we put random songs. It tells a story if you listen to it that way.

And what does “love” mean to you?

Laura: (singing “All you need is love”) I think love has different sides. When you think about your family it`s different kind of love, or when you think about your friends it`s different kind of love. In this album it`s love between a man and a woman. Love means different things for every single person.

How is it to finally record an album together with a live band?

Alan: I think it`s normal progress. You can`t do music alone forever, it gets lonely.

But you are still writing, composing and producing songs on your own?

Alan: All of us are producers, because the final sound is developed by all of us. I just write.

Your discography list on Facebook is really long. Where do you find inspiration for new songs?

Alan: From everyday situations. As you guess, artists are more vulnerable, more sensitive in some ways, and you have to have a place where you can live up all these emotions. Music is the logical way.

You posted a video on Facebook where you play music near the House of the Blackheads. What do you usually do when you come to a new city for a concert?

Alan: Actually this was our first tour (in Riga) and it was fun, because we had enough spare time to hang with each other.

Laura: The weather was also really good, there was no rain so we went outside to play guitar.

Alan: I think we developed beautiful memory here on this tour, because in Lithuania we visited TV tower and did some tourist stuff also. It`s cool, it`s not just work, work, work…

And what do you do in your free time besides music?

Alan: Everybody works.

Laura: Two of us are music teachers in a music school.

Alan: I work in a car workshop, I`m the executive manager, so – completely different. And Kaarel is doing everything – he`s finishing his masters, also Erko and Laura are finishing their masters in music, and Hans is just a great drummer, who everyone wants, so we are very grateful to have him.

Laura: We kind of all are educated musicians, except Alan. He knows much more about music than we do when you ask him about some band.

Any plans for the summer?

Alan: We`re looking forward to two Baltic performances. One is “Laba Daba” – everybody`s talking that this is a really great festival, really good people and good audience. Who doesn`t look forward to good audience? And also there is one with the question mark in Lithuania. And “Positivus” (cheering).

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Interview by Dārta Katrīne Salna

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