Estonian funkish indie-pop KALI BRIIS Band coming up with debut album

Kali Briis Band, the crown jewel of Estonian funkish indie-pop scene released their 1st single „Miracle“ from the upcoming album

Kali Briis Band released their first single „Miracle“ from their upcoming and long awaited debut album „Let’s Play Love“ which will be released in May.

Over-flowing energy, eclectic beats, sweet and soulful vocals, all bundled up in geeky cartoon characters – Kali Briis Band’s music is as an adventure full of soul, madness and laughter.

Kali Briis aka Alan Olonen is an Estonian music producer and artist whose music can be described as his emotions – excitement means electro, sadness – electronics, and relaxation – r’n’b; when he’s bursting with energy he makes rock, and when he feels elvish he makes pop.

Since 2013 Kali Briis has been performing with his live band to go back to the roots of making music – to play with professional musicians and real instruments. Today Kali Briis Band is Mr Briis, Laura Junson (vocals, synth), Kaarel Kuusk (keyboards, synth, backvocals), Erko Niit (guitar, backvocals) and Hans Kurvits (drums).

Since last autumn the musicians have spent their weekends at their home studio in Pärnu, Estonia to record the new material. Finally, the long awaited debut album „Let’s Play Love“ will be released in May 2016.

The album will be presented in Baltics accordingly:

May 12th at Autentika (Riga)

May 13th at LiverPool Indie/Rock Bar (Vilnius)

May 14th at Bar I Love You (Riga)

May 20th at Tartu Indiefest (Tartu)

May 21th at Kultuuriklubi Tempel (Pärnu)

May 27th at VonKrahl (Tallinn)


Kali Briis Band – „Miracle“

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