The main theme in the newly released Frankie Animal track “Peaches” is forbidden love and the lyrics are inspired by the acclaimed Luca Guadagnino motion picture “Call Me By Your Name”. The title of the track – Peaches – is a reference to the infamous peach scene in the movie.

Lead singer Marie Vaigla: Peaches talks about two people in love, who cannot be together in front of others. And so they wait patiently until the dawn to be together at last.”

Jonas Kaarnamets (guitars / producer) on music: “I was at a Gram-Of-Fun`s band camp, where Martin “Muudu” Kuut played me an idea of a song. It had been on his computer for a while and it seemed like he was stuck with it. But it gave me a lot of great ideas and concepts, so I asked if we (Frankie Animal) could do something with it. We use some loops from the original and built our own song around it.”

Freshly dropped single has a B-side as well – a song called “HoneyFrankie Animal’s bass player and designer Jan-Christopher Soovik says that the two tracks – “Peaches” and “Honey” – have made a whole since the beginning: “Their sound and subjects are very similar – it’s like they almost complete each other. What we have noticed is that the new tracks have certain colours associated with them. For example, for Peaches it’s orange-pink shades and for Honey they are sandy and beige. A colour has the possibility to create a one of a kind atmosphere, which in turn shapes the mood.”

Both tracks carry some summer nostalgia in them. Even if we have a cold winter in the northern hemisphere, then somewhere in the world there’s still warm summer and days filled with sunshine. The flowing 80s synth sounds and Marie’s soothing voice paint a picture of the orange and lilac sunsets, symbolizing summertime nostalgia or the wait for the upcoming summer.

Frankie Animal is an alternative-pop/rock band from Estonia, with a core of three musicians – Marie M. Vaigla on lead vocals, Jan-Christopher Soovik on bass and Jonas Kaarnamets on guitars. Through persistent work and having performed at many festivals in the region such as Tallinn Music Week and Positivus but also further at Eurosonic Noorderslag and Waves Vienna, they have established themselves as one of the leading alternative bands in Estonia.

The bands’ nostalgic sound, accompanied by Marie’s sultry vocals, their blend of catchy hooks and soaring guitar solos, retro sounds and modern production have earned them a spot in the hearts of their nation.

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