The concert will take place in Lucavsala, Riga. Entrance to the concert territory will be open to visitors on Friday, July 12, at 16.00.  We invite to head for the concert timely, because travel to the venue and verification of the personalised entrance tickets can take extra time.

Plan of the event:

16.00 Entrance

18.45 Zara Larsson

19.45 James Bay

21.00 Ed Sheeran

Since the event is almost 8 hours long, during all time of the concert there will be Helio zone available, where you will be able to charge your smartphone, let you your kid rest, get your hands on valuable gifts from Helio and warm up before the show.



There will be two catering areas and several beverage sales areas in the venue. The toilets will be arranged on both sides of the territory. Official Ed Sheeran souvenirs can be purchased at the venue as well. Concert organisers request persons in wheelchair to use the entrance that is situated closer to the Salu bridge. Please, be respectful towards other visitors of the concert and smoke only in specially designated areas. Ambulance and Riga Municipality Police will be on a duty in the territory of the concert.


For the first time in Baltics the concert tickets are personalised, which means that the name and surname of the buyer is printed on a ticket. SIA Biļešu serviss warns and invites to observe the following:

– do not publish the ticket in internet and do not send it to unknown addressees,

– do not by tickets from private persons, because they can still be purchased officially;

– considering that the event will be attended by several tens of thousands of people, internet might be slow. Keep the tickets in your phone or print them to ensure smooth progress at the entrance;

– make sure that the name and surname printed on the ticket corresponds the same in the ID document (such is any document with your photo);

– note that, if necessary, one might need to show a document confirming the purchase (bank statement or a printout of the payment made).

– if you establish that it is necessary to make changes in the ticket information, contact SIA Biļešu Serviss to e-mail address info@bilesuserviss.lvuntil info@bilesuserviss.lvthe 8thof July;

– follow up the latest information www.bilesuserviss.lvand Facebook page of SIA Biļešu Serviss.

A-zone ticket owners will have special wristbands put on, allowing to enter A-zone. A-zone entrances will be situated at both sides of the stage.

It will be possible to buy concert tickets at the entrance by presenting a personal ID document.

One can proceed to the concert territory only with a successfully scanned ticket. Each ticket can be scanned only once. Any effort to repeatedly enter the concert territory with already scanned ticket will fail, regardless of who the ticket owner is. Concert organisers must not explain the consequences of efforts to scan the bar code for the second time. Every concert visitor older than 5 years must have a separate entrance ticket.

Only those tickets bought from the official ticket sellers will be identified as valid. A list of official ticket sellers as well as all important information about the concert can be found in the website



The State Police warns and invites to meet the following safety procedures:

  • agree in advance on the meeting point in case you lose each other and cannot contact;
  • if you need help in the territory of the event, address security guards, organisers or police;
  • if you need instant police help, call 110!
  • given the large number of visitors of the event, please consider individually if attendance of such events is suitable for certain individual or family, namely if you can feel good in a big crowd. Please, listen to your sensations and if you are in a discomfort, leave the concentrated crowd and, if necessary, seek for medical help;
  • do not leave your belongings unattended;
  • be especially alert and focused in the public areas;
  • keep wallets, phones and other valuables in inside pockets;
  • do not put valuable things in the backpack;
  • place your purses and harvesacks in front of you and hold them as much as possible;
  • do not brag with valuables — money or jewels;
  • we recommend splitting the money in several pockets or bags;
  • protect your cell phone with a safety code.


Concert organisers remind that the following items and things cannot be taken to the concert’s territory:

– umbrellas as they cover the view;

– foods and drinks;

– any bottles, cans and other tare;

– professional photo and video equipment (except cell phones). You can enter in concert with cameras that do not have a zoom option and cameras that do not have changeable object lenses and focus settings not exceeding 40mm, which is close to human vision settings;

-GoPro cameras and selfie sticks;

– tablets;

– large binoculars;

– posters, banners and flags;

– sharp items and cold weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics, lasers, chains, syringes, dangerous items;

– alcohol and intoxicating substances;

– animals;

– bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, motorcyclist helmets, collapsible chairs and tabourets;

– extra hand luggage — do not bring large bags, backpacks, unnecessary items as it makes the security check at the entrance longer. There will be a restricted number of item storage chambers next to the territory. This storage will be situated next to the bicycle parking. Large bags and suitcases can be stored for an additional fee.


The ambulance recommends:

– avoid crowding and entering the crowd with infant strollers;

– take noise-cancelling headphones for children;

– be careful not to stumble;

– do not consume alcohol excessively. If you feel thirsty, drink water;

– put on clothes suitable for the weather;

– charge your cell phones;

– if you start feeling bad or in case of an injury seek medical help;

– if you are outside the venue or medical assistance is not available, address security guards or policemen or call 113.


Traffic and car parking 

There will be no car parking lots in the venue or immediate vicinity. We invite the concert visitors to walk to the concert, take public transport or to arrive with bicycles. There will be bicycle parking area next to the venue.

Riga Traffic will ensure extra runs to the venue in Lucavsala as well as backwards after the concert.

We invite foreign guests and visitors from other cities of Latvia to use official Pillar car parking. More information about car parking: 

State Police warns and invites to take into consideration:

– traffic restrictions on the Salu bridge, including repair works, and to count on extra time for arrival to the venue;

– to cross the streets carefully in the specially intended places, making sure that drivers can see you;

– remember that you can walk only on the sidewalk, pedestrian path and bicycle lane, but if there is none — along the side of the road. Cross the driving lane only on pedestrian crossings, but if there is none — at the crossings;

– take care of your visibility by using light reflecting elements in clothing during the dark time of the day;

– wait for public transport only on the landing platforms;

– there are no visitor age restrictions, but parents who do not accompany their children to the concert must consider that in Latvia the children under age of 16 cannot be outside without an adult after 23:00.


Important to know

K SENUKAI shop will work as usual and cars can be parked in its parking for shop clients only. Drivers will also have access to nearby gas station Neste.

Boat slip in the southern part of Lucavsala Park will not be available between 05.07 and 15.07. Parking lot in the southern part of Lucavsala Park will not be available for visitors between 08.07 and 13.07.

Any activity in such a large concert takes time, for example security check at the entry, purchase of food, ticket verification and even going to a toilet. Please, treat others the way you would like them to treat you. Concert organisers invite not to forget that the security service employees and security guards only do their work, so please do not resist them and comply with their instructions. Please, get acquainted with the concert venue map beforehand.

You will be able to carry infant food and strollers inside the territory and there will be a special tent intended for infant care.

Any use of concert tickets for commercial purposes, including offering tickets in competitions without a written permission of the concert organiser is strictly forbidden.

  • Do not publish the ticket in internet, do not send it to unknown addressees,
  • Do not buy a ticket from unknown persons, because tickets are still available at points of sale,
  • Be prepared that the event will be attended for more than ten thousand visitors thus slowing down the internet; hence we recommend saving your tickets in your phone or print them out to ensure smooth progress at the entrance,
  • Make sure that the name and surname printed on the ticket corresponds the same in the ID document,
  • Full name and surname will be printed on each of four entrance tickets and other three visitors will have to arrive together with the “leading visitor”.
  • If you establish that it is necessary to make changes in the ticket information, contact SIA Biļešu Serviss to e-mail addressinfo@bilesuserviss.lvuntil the 5thof July,
  • Entrance to the venue will be open to visitors starting from 16:00
  • Plan timely arrival at the event but consider that it might be complicated to access the event with your car and to park it in the vicinity due to the large number of visitors.
  • If possible, use public transport, arrive with a bicycle or walk to the venue, and also remember to lock your bicycle and leave it safe.
  • It is prohibited to bring in and use the following items in the event: lasers or any similar devices, personal food, beverages, including alcohol and intoxicating substances, umbrellas, bicycles, scooters, roller skates, motorcycle helmets, explosives, pyrotechnics, guns, cold weapons and other sharp items. It is also prohibited to take animals to the event.
  • Do not forget to put on weather-appropriate clothing
  • Follow up the newest information about the event attendance at bilesuserviss.lvand Facebook page of SIA Biļešu Serviss.

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