Erica Jennings presents new single “Hanging by a Thread”

In just two weeks after coming a close second in the Lithuania’s national selection for Eurovision with her hit “Leading me home”, Erica presents a very open and honest single „Hanging by a thread“.

“People often say to us “ oh you’re the perfect couple” but we have always tried to avoid perpetrating that image, as it’s not something we feel is either realistic or fair. No one is perfect, love is not without it’s challenges, and I don’t think it’s fair that people hold such pretences. We have had our ups and downs, like anyone else. We argue, like any other couple. The difference is, our rough patches, happened to make our bond even stronger. We have a connection that goes beyond husband and wife. We are really life partners” – said Erica.

„Hanging by a thread“ was recorded in Vilnius and features the wonderful and world renowned Norwegian strings group „Oslo strings“ which have accompanied international artists like Robbie Williams, Michael Buble, Kygo etc. The haunting vocals, timeless and direct lyrics will no doubt capture your heart.

“Hanging by a thread” is a phrase in English, I’m not sure if there are similar phrases in Lithuanian. As the chorus goes “There’s nothing holding us together but there’s nothing pulling us apart, everything’s just hanging by a thread”. It was a moment in time when I was going through a dark period, in every sense, when “everything I held so dear, seemed to slowly disappear”. It was when it seemed as though my world was falling apart and I had to somehow keep it altogether,” – openly shared Erica.

Being open, honest and true is the path Erica has chosen after long and personal journey. “Last June, when I opened for Roisin Murphy I had one sound in mind…then after more searching and really asking myself, who am I as an artist and what do I want to say? I kept returning to how my demos orginally sounded. Just me and the piano. That was me. My voice, lyrics…. just as they were. Without much added on to them. It’s been a long, creative process, finding my true sound and message but extremely rewarding in every sense.”

The redheads debut album is due for release this summer. “I can’t wait! I’ve been really ruthless with the album, cutting songs that are good but not great. 10 songs, no fillers. It’s all about quality, not quantity. I’m just so happy that this is really, finally going to happen”, said Erica.

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