Erica Jennings new single reveals a secret from her past

With a debut solo album out June 14th her new single “You Always Told Me” is about a friendship that went sour whilst love blossomed
Basically, a former, very close friend of mine had been cheating on her boyfriend with Jurgis for quite a while but she always said it was nothing serious and just for fun. This was long before I knew him personally. About 6 months after the affair fizzled out, Jurgis and I began dating. Obviously I knew all about his “ladies man” reputation but it became clear over a few months that we were falling in love and this was for real. Once she found out it was serious, she basically stopped speaking to me and it’s been that way ever since,” the singer explains.
Erica Jennings – You Always Told Me
 Every song from the album could be a single. The story behind this song really hurt me. I know this girl made up some terrible stories about why we were no longer friends in order to hide the affair she’d had from her now husband. And I wasn’t going to contradict her and feel responsible for breaking up a marriage. But now I realize I was the least guilty party in all of this and addressing it through my music was therapeutic. My entire album is confronting moments in my life I wasn’t able to deal with before. Now I’m ready.”
“You always told me” is the perfect summer tune and is the 3rd single from her upcoming album that will be released June 14th. 
I planned a summer release on purpose. I want people to get to know the songs by the time my album tour begins in autumn. Hopefully they’ll be familiar with all the tunes by then. I’m purposely playing only a few select dates this summer. Apart from John Newman, I’ll be playing Granatos Live and a few acoustic dates by the sea. But other than that I’ll be preparing for my album tour in autumn,”.

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