Today in Music History

It`s Monday and you may feel like getting under bedsheets and ignoring everything and everyone, but let`s forget about the Monday fact for a minute… And let`s focus on today`s date – May 2.

May 2 in music history

It`s 1960. Ben E. King leaves The Drifters and signs a solo contract with Atco Records 

It`s 1966. No. 1 song on Billboard Pop Hits is “Monday Monday” by The Mamas & The Papas. Coincidence? I don`t think so.

It`s 1969 and The Beatles record “Something”.

It`s 1974 and Stevie Wonder wins four Grammy Awards, including album of the year for “Innervisions”.

It`s 1977. Eric Clepton records “Wonderful Tonight”.

So many wonderful things have happened on 2nd May, so forget that “Monday hate” and go – make a history today!

What do you think?

JUSTS coming up with the music video for the “Heartbeat”

Estonian funkish indie-pop KALI BRIIS Band coming up with debut album