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Let`s celebrate the music, because it is an endless source of joy!

We want to tell more about some amazing artist concerts that you should consider visiting.

Russian rock-band “Tequilajazz” will perform in Tallin on 23rd April. Concert will take place at CatHouse concert hall.

“Tequilajazz” was found in 1993 in St. Petersburg. The song “Winter Sun” (Rus. “Зимнее солнце”), which was released in 1998, brought band the fame. Band released an album “Celluloid” (“Целлулоид”) the same year.

In June 2009 the band released album “Journal of the living” (“Журнал живого”) and afterwards in 2010 announced, that they fell apart.

In honor of band`s 20th anniversary they came together in 2013 to play the only show in Moscow.

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“Rigas Ritmi 2016” presents modern jazz performer Jose James!

On 29th April at Riga Congress Center American vocalist Jose James will melt hearts of everyone.

People often call Jose a jazz artist for hip-hop generation. His art combines jazz, soul, electronic dance music style drum`n`bass, rap, rock and so-called “spoken word” stylistics.

Jose admits that he has never intentionally tried to fit in some particular genre. In the album “While You Were Sleeping” you can hear both references to alternative rock music (such as “Radiohead” and “Nirvana”) and vibes from R&B and jazz (Frank Ocean, James Blake).

This year Jose has gone on tour “Yesterday I Had the Blues”, which is dedicated to jazz legend Billy Holiday in honor of his 100th anniversary.

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Estonian bass player Peedu Kass and his ensemble Momentum will give an exciting performance on 30th April at Vidzeme Concert Hall “Cesis”

Momentum is a piano trio, whose leader – Estonian bass player Peedu Kass – is a requested accompanist in Europe`s jazz life and a productive jazz artist. Ensemble focuses on contemporary jazz with exciting rhythms, clean sound and an impressive scene image.

If you are looking for a piano trio with a special spark, then these musicians are just for you! Their repertoire consists of original compositions – with emphasis on Peedu compositions.

It gets better – Intars Busulis will be a special guest, so you have to be there!

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Enjoy Shipsea (Janis Sipkevics) chamber concert for the voice, piano and invisible choir on 1st May at The Embassy of Latgale “GORS”

“There are conversations that can happen only with yourself, they do not speak loudly. And in chamber concert environment I feel very close. I can find the eye gaze of every person who came. Close to the people, close to myself. And after 75 careful minutes I always feel like I have unraveled some clew of mine. And I know that I`m not the only one.”

The concert will feature songs with Federico Garcia Lorca, Rainis, Agnese Krivade and folk lyrics. Music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Philip Glass, as well as new works of Janis Sipkevics.

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