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Usually Street Music Day (Gatvės muzikos diena) is held on the third Saturday of May, but this year, due to the pandemic, it was moved to July 18th and will be taking place all over Lithuania. Check out the MAP to see all cities and events.

Photo by Evaldas Stakėnas

The tradition of Street Music Day started back in 2007 when beloved Lithuanian musician and actor Andrius Mamontovas e-mailed his friends urging them to pick up instruments and go out and play on the streets of Vilnius. Eventually, the idea spread and now has become an annual event, where thousands of people, both professional musicians and amateurs, go out in the streets, yards, parks and squares to play music. Armed with a variety of musical instruments, people play rock, classics, jazz, avant-garde and folklore and African rhythms. There are no age, nationality or repertoire limitations, because on Street Music Day everybody speaks the world’s most universal language – the language of music, that unites everyone in one great celebration.

Photo by Gabrielius Jauniškis

On Street Music Day musicians perform throughout the day in various venues in numerous cities in Lithuania and at the end of the day create an improvised drum procession with viewers, as the official last performance of the day called “Drum2gether”.

Street Music Day is not only a great opportunity to immerse the cities in the sounds of music and listen to many different performances, but also a way for listeners to support musicians by donating some coins for performers as part of the street music tradition, as musicians usually have upturned hats or open cases put nearby, showing that they accept donation – accordingly, listeners can show their appreciation of artists talents, work and good wills.

Photo by Evaldas Stakėnas

Street Music Day has become not only a celebration in all Lithuania’s cities, but also a beloved international tradition. In previous years, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Ireland have independently organized the celebration. The Lithuanian community held similar events in Copenhagen, Sicily, Paris, Pune, Los Angeles, Tallinn, York, Nottingham, Barnsley, Connecticut, Bergen, Innsbruck and London.

The initiator of the Festival, Andrius Mamontovas, says that it would be great for this tradition to spread all over the world and for the Street Music Day to become the one day per year that unites everybody through the amazing art of music, which is an international language that goes beyond … well, everything.

Photo by Gabrielius Jauniškis

The theme of this year’s Street Music Day is ‘Music Characters’. It aims to draw attention to the musician as a creator or a unique personality. Whether you are a professional musician or an amateur; play metal or country – everyone can participate!

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Photo by Evaldas Stakėnas

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