Carnival Youth released their 1st from 2nd – Connection Lost

It’s been a few busy months for Latvian-based band CARNIVAL YOUTH, that much is for sure. Their debut album No Clouds Allowed only came out one year ago and now the band is already preparing a follow-up called Propeller which is up for a release on April the 1st. In-between they also won the acclaimed People’s Choice Award at the European Boarder Breaker Awards back in January which officially labels them one of the continent’s most promising new bands.

And if you wonder why exactly this is the case, just hit the play button below as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to present you the premiere of the new CARNIVAL YOUTH single Connection Lost. Joyful indie pop/rock which the band also describes as a song about the inevitable interruptions of the coverage of human network.’

This is the sort of tune that gets you started on a Monday like this. Enjoy it below.

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