Word comes through the pipeline that the non-profit company associated with Nevada’s Burning Man will be crossing the Atlantic and touching down in the Netherlands.

Burning Man Netherlands has been setup as co convey the 10 principles of its American counterpart in Netherlands. Ten Principles that include: gifting, decommodification, radical inclusion, radical self reliance, and civic responsibility, shining a light on the world we need, rather than the world we have.

The jewel of Burning Man Netherlands will come in the form of a 3 day festival in 2016 called Where The Sheep Sleep held in the Veluwe over 29-31 July, 2017. Remember, if you want to attend you have to register with Burning Man Netherlands via their Facebook Group, and get your Burning Man Netherlands Event Membership. Once tickets go on sale only registered event members will be able to purchase.

To get the idea of what are we talking about:

The purpose of Where the Sheep Sleep is to dream together and create a reality that we won’t forget.

“A Dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality”

Source: Deep House Amsterdam

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