Author of such well known hits as Here With Me, White Flag, Life For Rent, Thank You, No Freedom, Hunter, Don’t Leave Home, Sand In My Shoes, End Of Night etc. Dido will perform in Sigulda castle on June 27th. This will be her first and only show in Baltic states.  

Silent sadness and unadulterated joy, a melancholy taste and glittering bliss – the unique Dido vocals can create such a wide range of sensations. Her compositions have appeared in 5 albums totaling over 40 million and have been recognized with prestigious awards such as Brit Awards, MTV Europe Music Award, Ivor Novello Award and more.

In Sigulda we will hear the best known compositions of the latest album “Still On My Mind” and other Daido hits. 

Ticket pre-sale at from Friday, January 10, at 10am. 10am.

British artist Dido Armstrong received a good musical education in childhood, which was later deepened with pop music experience, singing non-vocal and writing some compositions for the popular electronics group Faithless, which her brother Rollo co-founded.

Along with working in a band, in the second half of the 1990s songs for her debut album “No Angel” are being written and album is released in the US  in 1999 and in 2001 also in Europe. Dido popularity in North America was greatly boosted by the youth series “Roosevela” (also shown in Latvia), where the introductory composition Here With Me became an absolute hit. Meanwhile, the popular British romantic Christmas comedy Love Actually plays an important role in Europe and also in Latvia, with the soundtrack also using Here With Me. In addition to that, Eminem decided to use a fragment from the album’s second single, Thank You.

As a result, Dido’s first album, No Angel, was sold at over 21 million, making it the most successful British women’s debut ever (1st place in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Austria, France, Finland and other countries, 2nd place in the US). Two Brit Awards (Best Singer and Album), MTV Europe Music Award (Best Young Artist) and a host of others at the Awards.

The forthcoming album, “Life For Rent” (2003), also followed suit, becoming one of the all-time best-selling figures in British music history. The first two albums were accompanied by intense concert tours.

After the next two albums, “Safe Trip Home” (2008) and “Girl Who Got Away” (2013), Dido spent some time focusing on family life to return to writing new material in 2018. In the spring of 2019, it came out under the title “Still on My Mind”.

It was easy: “One morning I woke up and found that I wanted to work with my brother Rollo again. We are great together, we like each other’s societies and we understand so synchronously. The album came from something of its own, just having a good time with his family, walking the dogs, talking about music and the world in general. ”

With the release of a new album, it’s the right time to go on tour again.

“I’m a little scared I’ll be back on stage,” admits Dido. “It’s been 15 years since I last performed at a major concert. But I think it will be cool. There are many songs that people know and will enjoy. For example, I only have great memories of doing Thank You. When you sing, and everyone sings with you, that is the greatest feeling that a concert can give, there is simply no better. ”

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