Baltic WEEKEND guide

Weekend is here – time to make it memorable! Visit some great music events:

American guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola is coming back to Latvia!

He will perform on 23rd April at Edoles castle within tour “Elysium & More”.

Al Di Meola is American and Latino jazz guitarist, composer and music producer. Italian-American musician`s career already lasts 40 years, and, as a result, Di Meola has been recognized as one of the most talented and influential guitarists in the jazz history. Records like “Friday Night in San Francisco” have made him successful and created a fan base around the world.

Musician speaks very poetically about his new album “ELYSIUM” – he describes it as a reflection of his state of mind. The album is culmination of artist`s experience and feelings gained in 40 years of his musical career.

If you are a fan of guitar music, hurry up! Tickets


Lithuanians “Condor Avenue” will prove that post-punk is not dead!

“Condor Avenue” is a four-piece indie rock band from Lithuania. They will perform at “Bar I Love You” this Saturday!

After the first big entrance to the music scene last year, “Condor Avenue” released their debut EP “The Crown” and visited main festivals of homeland Lithuania, successfully performed in other Baltic countries and gained recognition from music reviewers and radio stations.

The band says that they will make you cry and will put you to sleep just to hit you with jackhammer of pure joy. The drummer Antanas will break his sticks and the guitars of Julius will fill the room as the singer Tadas cryptic verses will echo in your head for days.

Find the event here


Musical visit to Portugal with Jolanta Gulbe Pashkevich

On 23rd April jazz singer Jolanta Gulbe Pashkevich will give a beautiful performance at “Happy Days & Nights” nightclub.

You can sense the infinite ocean breathe in the Portugal music. You can feel and hear it in the traditional song genre fado, whose essence is to deliberately sing the stories about longings for unattainable.

Jolanta Gulbe Pashkevich has gathered all the most favorite genre songs in the concert program. They cover more than a hundred years of fadu history.

Guitar accompaniment will be played by Ivars Hermanis and Aris Ozols.

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Romantic Saturday atmosphere with Karlis Kazaks

Latvian singer and composer Karlis Kazaks will give his performance on 23rd April at “DAD cafe”.

Karlis has already released four solo albums – “On My Palms” (“Uz manām plaukstām”) in 2008, “16 Hours” (“16 Stundas”) in 2011, “Water Courses” (“Gultnes”) in 2013 and “and She” (“un Viņa”) in 2015.

His vocal timbre will make you hold your breath – you have to hear it.

Entrance for donations. About the event



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