Baltic Highlight: DVĪNES

Latvian duet “Dvīnes” (Eng. “Twins”) have presented new music and released a debut EP “Solid Colors” that consists of six songs. Two of them – “Set It On Fire” and “Dancefloor” – have already been released in the beginning of 2016.

“Dvīnes” are singers and song writers of their own music, plus they are twin sisters in real life. The girls have been singing since they were little. During several years, they have released various singles and music videos. The music video for single “Moon” was nominated for Latvian Music Awards for Best video of 2012.

The album “Solid Colors” is the result of a successful collaboration with DJ and music producer Makree, who is not only producer of the album, but also co-author of the music. Songs are written in pop/house genre.

Mini-album tracks are chronologically connected in one single story, which tells us about twin sister personal experiences and lessons that they have learned in three years while taking a break from the music. It is a story about struggles and uncertainty, about recovering faith and falling in love with yourself again.

“Title song “Solid Colors” is the main statement of the idea of album. It is an acknowledgment that society is divided into layers, and our life is set not to follow someone else`s expectations and beliefs, but rather build your own way,” say “Dvīnes”.

The EP can be purchased in all major music stores and internet streaming platforms.

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