“ba.” – voice of post-Soviet generation

“ba.” – a band with a post-punk, alternative rock sound from Lithuania presents their new single „byru iš lėto” from the upcoming EP “SAULĖSUŽTEMIMAS” (SOLARECLIPSE).

Don’t even try to search for a few or at least one English song from “ba.”. You’ll get disappointed. Bands leader Benas Aleksandravičius once said that “ba.” will always be a band with all the lyrics written only in his native language. And that’s what makes this band exceptional.

Despite that, the meaning of the lyrics can be understood only by Lithuanians, foreign listeners in other Baltic States and Scandinavia gave a really warm welcome to “ba.” as well. Band not only had many concerts there, but also received a public choice award at last years “Tallinn Music Week”.

After being a duo of drummer Jonas Butvydas and Benas Aleksandravičius (vocal, guitar) for a long time, now “ba.” is joined by a bassist Jean-Paul Marat – one more great addition to the bands sound.

“ba.” is a voice of post-Soviet generation”, – music critics claim. So, no more word needed, please hear it – post-Soviet sound of Lithuanian post-punk and alternative rock –


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