“With all team we are very excited about these concerts. It will be the last concerts for us this year”, said Benas Aleksandravicius, the leader of the ba. At the end of October and beginning of November, the band promises to make a big noise in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus and Mažeikiai. Concert tickets are melting and some are no longer available.

This is just part of the intense autumn this year for musicians. Recently ba. and all team visited showcase festivals Reeperbahn in Hamburg Germany and Zandari festival in South Korea. Band signed distribution deal with Sound Republica, one of South Korea’s leading music distribution companies.

After unloading their suitcases, the band began serious preparation for the tour, where listeners will once again hear all the new songs from new album H8.

“At the festivals people want to hear older songs as well, so we thought about making a little tour around the end of the year to make a full album live plus old songs. We are preparing a long program. There will be everything” – Benas promised.

The performer says that lately the band has been feeling very well on the stage: “I would really like people not to miss our tour concerts. During the release of the new album, we discovered a great energy between us. I really want to finish this concert season strongly.”

Intensive preparation for the tour takes place not only in the rehearsal studio but also in the concert halls. “Preparing for this tour around Lithuania seems more difficult. The opening of the tour in Loftas (Vilnius) required the whole team to break their heads. This is technically the most challenging concert for us, so naturally we pay the most attention to it. We haven’t had so many meetings with a technician, sound and light team for any other concert” – says Benas.

It seems that such efforts were appreciated before the concerts took place: tickets for the concert in Kaunas Sinagoga Studio have already been sold out. “I tried not to think about the sold-out, but I had a deep faith. I am happy for Kaunas because we will be playing at the Sinagoga Studio for the first time and the space is really very interesting and exclusive. According to the current ticket situation, Vilnius seems to be in the same situation” – says Benas.

For the last time this year, fans will be invited to meet with ba.:

  • Loftas October 25 Vilnius
  • Chaos festival October 26 Mazeikiai
  • Culture and Communication Center October 31 Alytus
  • Sinagoga Studio 1 November Kaunas
  • Raketa Club 2 November Klaipeda

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