🇱🇹 MONIKA SETA at MO MUSEUM | Antidote #07

Watch the latest ‘Antidote’ episode with MONIKA SETA from the rooftop of the MO muziejus!

What you’ll witness is a clash of Vilnius’ old town historical heritage and modern art mecca with the accompaniment of a mature selector. Have a pleasant sit or dance, just as you prefer.

Monika Seta is a DJ / promoter from Whypeopledance team (Lithuania). She is one of the leading female figures in the Lithuanian electronic music scene. Based in Vilnius, she’s been progressively making a name for herself in both Lithuanian and European context as a talented and diligent DJ, with a refined taste for disco, indie, dance, nu, slow electronic music. 

“My music life goes under a spell of all kinds of disco, indie dance and nu-slow electronic sounds.” – Monika Seta

During her study years, Monika was working as a music journalist and was part of the Lithuanian DJ magazine editorial staff. 2016 marked an important step for Monika as a DJ and promoter as she became a member of an acclaimed electronic music platform Whypeopledance. Together with her colleagues, she’s been looking for an answer for why do people dance in form of exclusive premieres, podcasts with prominent guests, party series and a new digital label. Over 2019, Monika was actively performing not only in Europe – with DJ sets in Red Light Radio, Boiler Room live streaming sessions and renowned Berlin’s clubs About Blank and Salon Zur Wilden Renate – but also increasingly gaining recognition outside Lithuania.

MO Museum is a modern art museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. As a private initiative of Lithuanian scientists and philanthropists Danguolė Butkienė and Viktoras Butkus, it functioned as an art museum without walls for about ten years. The collection of 5,000 modern and contemporary pieces contains major Lithuanian artworks from the 1950s to this day.

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