5 great Baltic artists worth discovering

Mondays CAN be bearable – regain your energy with these 5 amazing Baltic artists we recommend checking out!

“Púr Múdd” is a fresh electronic music duo from Tallinn/Viljandi. Group`s members are singer Joonas Alvre and instrumentalist Oliver Rõõmus. As the duo says – their music ranges from thick athmosphere to decent heat.

Don`t miss out on this amazing band! More about the duo here


“Picnic” is Estonian shoegaze, dreampop band that was formed in 2009. Their debut album “Winter Honey” was released in 2010. Less than a year ago the band released second album “The Weather`s Fine”.

“Picnic`s” inspirations are artists like Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and Fleischmann.

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“Sudden Lights” is a four-piece boy band from Riga. Right now the band has released 2 singles – “Tik Savādi” (“So Strange”) and “Priekšpilsētas valsis” (“Suburb`s waltz”). They do remind of yet another Latvian boy band – can you guess which?

More about the band on their FB page


“Baltos Varnos” is a band of two beautiful, blonde girls accompanied by bass player and percussionist. The band likes to mix different styles, but mostly – folk.

Learn more about the band


“Keymono” is a bright electronic soul band from Lithuania, but now based in London, and they are all about the creation. “Keymono” says about its music that it is “A shifting, rhythmical patchwork of electronica, brass, and neo-soul vocals in high energy stereo colour.”

In February 2016 band released album “Time Capsule”.

Listen to full album here & more about the band!


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Friendly chat with “Sisters On Wire” after their performance at “I Love You” bar in Riga