3 concerts you shouldn’t miss!

Spring delights us with warm weather…Birds, trees and wind create an orchestra that plays wonderful music. However, if it is not enough – here are some great artists that can help!

“When are you releasing a new song?” and “Where are you giving a concert?” – these kind of questions group “Lemon Joy” on Facebook receives most often. On 13th May the band will perform at club “Loftas” in Vilnius.

“Lemon Joy” is Lithuanian electropop group that throws a great party anywhere they play.

The group was established in 1994, and two years later released its debut album “Glostyk” (“Stroke”). In 2000, “Lemon Joy” performed at Zalgiris stadium together with the legendary British group “Pet Shop Boys”, but in 2001, Igoris Kofas was voted the best male singer of the year.

This is going to be an exclusive concert that will feature new songs from Igoris Kofas. There is a suitable phrase for this concert: “A lot of sounds and light”.


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Indie rock band “Frankie Animal” is ready to present its first full-length album “The Backbeat”. Presentation will take place on 13th May at Genialistide club in Tartu.

“We have worked hard and for a long time on this album and we are looking forward to present new music for the fans and audience,” says the band`s soloist Marie Vaigla.

MTV Iggy says about the band: „Frankie Animal’s punchy guitar pop plays like a slap to the head. If you’re not in the mood for a night out, the Tallinn-based quartet might even issue a real one. Slinky, seductive, and ready for anything, this is exactly the pick up you need before getting down.”



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Get ready to sing along to your favorite songs and return to the jazz era with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. The elegant party will take place in Estonia for the first time – on 16th may at Nordea Concert Hall in Tallinn.

Scott Bradlee is a pianist, composer and producer most known for being the creator of Postmodern Jukebox – an ever-evolving, revolving collective of performers who take popular music back in time.
In 2013, Bradlee began to work more seriously on forming Postmodern Jukebox, a rotating group of musicians producing covers of pop songs in the styles of jazz, ragtime, and swing. The group burst onto the public radar with their doo-wop cover of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”, featuring vocal group The Tee-Tones. They have also done hugely popular interpretations of songs by artists such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and many others.

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